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  • Sophia Angeles

    Sophia Angeles

    Written by Kelly Holm After a roller coaster of a year, singer-songwriter Sophia Angeles is springing back into the game with her newest track, “Break My Own Heart.” “Before COVID, I was playing shows 2 [or] 3 times a week, and all of a sudden I couldn’t perform, which left me feeling unmotivated,” she reflects. […]

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  • MAX


    Written by Kelly Holm NYC-born-and-raised singer-songwriter MAX first ascended the pop charts in 2018 with his double-platinum sleeper hit, “Lights Down Low” (ft. Gnash), which he used to propose to his wife Emily. Now, he’s coming off the high of playing the Greek Theatre’s first live event (virtual, of course) since October 2019, during which […]

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  • SHY Martin

    SHY Martin

    Written by Kelly Holm From leading an impromptu singalong at the age of five to getting the word “now” tattooed on her wrist, Swedish singer-songwriter SHY Martin has always made it her life’s work to be present and live in the moment. Now, with the release of her latest single “Break With Me,” she’s poised […]

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  • Kiera Dillon

    Kiera Dillon

    Write Up By Kelly Holm  As the world turned the page from 2020 to 2021, singer-songwriter Kiera Dillon began a new chapter with the release of her debut album, Perspective, on January 1— and only a few days later, continued the saga when she dropped an unrelated single, “Won’t Make It Easy.”  “I have a […]

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  • Flora Cash

    Flora Cash

    Written by Ashley Friedman Flora Cash, a Swedish-American duo, releases their latest single, “Feeling So Down,” today. The song is hot on the heels of the duo’s recent album, Baby, It’s Okay. The duo recently chatted with Elicit Magazine about their journey as up and coming musicians, tending to their newborn baby girl, Rocker, while […]

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