Written by Kelly Holm

After a roller coaster of a year, singer-songwriter Sophia Angeles is springing back into the game with her newest track, “Break My Own Heart.”

“Before COVID, I was playing shows 2 [or] 3 times a week, and all of a sudden I couldn’t perform, which left me feeling unmotivated,” she reflects. “I also got COVID in June, and it affected my voice for a while. Thankfully in the fall I started writing again, and I can’t wait to release the music I wrote in these last few months.”

Angeles tried to stay sane, she says, by reading comments on YouTube from fans who couldn’t wait to hear what she would come up with next. And when you see the music video for “Break My Own Heart,” it’s hard not to notice its star’s infectious enthusiasm about being able to create music again.

From Angeles’ own Ariel-esque auburn curls to a background filled with Valentine balloons and glittering streamers, bright colors pop in tandem with the catchy 2-minute ditty that will appeal to those who love Alessia Cara and Ava Max.

“I wanted to do a very anti-Valentine’s Day themed video with heart balloons, roses, confetti, pretty much lots of pink and glitter— but then contrast that with the song lyrics,” she shared. “I actually, at one point in the video, hit a heart pinata.”

Growing up, Angeles’ zest for the spotlight was evident from a young age, and with a music therapist for a mother, she always felt led in that direction, ever since she performed her very first song for her kindergarten crush.

“I was really inspired by the Hannah Montana [and] Camp Rock Disney era when I was 10, and I think that’s when I started telling everyone I wanted to be a pop star when I grew up,” she says.

In high school, while other kids were flipping burgers and stocking shelves, Angeles made her pocket money from booking gigs at hotels and community events. Eventually, her demo CD found its way into the hands of Ed Sheeran’s sound tech.

“His management actually called me and told me Ed listened to it and loved my voice,” she said. “That was a huge moment for me and really inspired me to keep going and move to Nashville.”

Ed Sheeran wasn’t the only one to become captivated by Angeles’ artistry. Her “upbeat, energetic” first single “Interested” was a crowd magnet, and 2019’s “Miss You More” has racked up over 30 million plays in total.

“I haven’t released a ton of music, but the music I have released, I’ve been really intentional with,” she said. “I’ve had to be honest with myself [about whether] I feel like something is ready for release or not, even if it means rewriting or re-producing the song a few times to get it right… starting out, make sure to have quality over quantity.”

Recently, Angeles has been writing new songs with Chelsea Balan, who co-wrote “Break My Own Heart.” You can count on hearing some of them in 2021, and watching their videos, too.

“The next two songs I’m thinking about releasing are super special to me, and as a writer I feel like I’m telling stories that are from the realest part of myself,” she said. “Now that [my first music video] is finished, I’ve realized how much I love creating visuals and how important it is for people to see your face.”

Another next step Angeles might want to take? Getting a record label.

“I love being an independent artist, but I’d love to see what I can do with a team,” she said. “I’m able to make a living doing music and I love living in Nashville… if you have a vision and you work hard, it can come true!”

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