Rules For Submitting Press

Music artists, let’s get you some free press! If you have a press release that is ready to go, fill out the form below with the information.

Once submitted, our team will review and post to our site as long as the release meets our specifications [at least 500+ words]. For more information on how to write a music press release, check out this post.

Sharing Rules: Artists are allowed to re-share the link of their press release, but should not use the word “featured” or phrase “featured on Elicit Magazine” when re-sharing. We take pride in selecting each and every featured artist carefully, these artists are listed under “Artists We’ve Interviewed.”

If you are a press agency and your artist is interested in being featured, please send an email to with links to their music and any other information that would be helpful during the selection process. The same goes for all of you DIY musicians!

Thank you, we appreciate you posting with us!

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