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  • Casey Conroy

    Written By Kelly Holm Growing up in Orlando, Casey Conroy’s father would tell her and her sisters that “life’s not that serious,” a mantra that has stuck with her over the years and into adulthood. Now, that motto has become the inspiration for Conroy’s first EP, It’s Just Living. “The EP had so many different […]

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  • Lindsey Stirling

    Photo Credit: Natasha Belikove Written by Kelly Holm She’s been an America’s Got Talent quarter-finalist, a Mormon missionary and a best-selling author. She landed the eighth-highest number of views of any YouTube video from 2012, and has an asteroid named in her honor. She’s collaborated with Evanescence’s Amy Lee, Pentatonix and even the Muppets. She’s Arizona-born violinist, […]

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    Written By Kelly Holm Growing up in an environment where spirituality and mystical exploration were valued and encouraged, it’s no wonder that New York-based hip-hop/R&B artist RIZ LA VIE became a poetic prophet with his music. From an early age, LA VIE’s mother, a Lebanese immigrant, instilled in him an affinity for the ethereal, teaching […]

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  • Sainvil


    Written By Kelly Holm For Matthew Sainvil, known solely by his last name, the musical odyssey has been a continuous journey of reinvention. Born to a Haitian immigrant mother and raised in Miami’s Little Haiti neighborhood, Sainvil grew up acting in plays and taking influences from a variety of sounds that permeated the cultural melting […]

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  • Charlotte Jane

    Charlotte Jane

    Written By Kelly Holm If you’re seeking a little sunny optimism as summer slips away into fall, British singer-songwriter Charlotte Jane is ready to celebrate the little things with “Loving the Light.” The latest single is an ode to on-and-off-again love that calls to mind Duffy with a dance-pop twist. “I’m loving the light, the […]

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