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  • Souly Had

    Souly Had

    Written By Kelly Holm If there’s one lesson that defines Souly Had’s career, it’s to never give up. Three years ago, the R&B meets Hip-Hop artist almost abandoned a song called “Crush” at the drawing board amidst writer’s block. “I remember being so close to giving up on it and getting so frustrated trying to […]

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  • Tessellated


    Written By Kelly Holm  We all know and love Lady Gaga’s “Telephone,” but if you feel like jamming to another catchy tune about unreturned calls, check out Tessellated’s “No Ansa.” Ft. Crayon. With a reggae hook that’ll remain in your head all day, it’s a perfect kickoff to the soundtrack of your summer.  “Bruk off […]

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  • Kalpee


    Written By Kelly Holm Trinidadian singer-songwriter Kalpee has been playing calypso music ever since he was six years old, a path that propelled him all the way to the legendary South by Southwest Music Festival, where he co-founded and performed this year for the Island Stage Platform during SXSW 2021. “At the age of 15, […]

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    Write Up By Kelly Holm  For too long, 22-year-old singer-songwriter SKAAR was unknown to the music scene outside of her tiny home island of Stord, off the Norwegian coast, but this year, her career is due for an epic “turn of the tide.”  “It just makes me want to dance so hard!” SKAAR says of […]

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  • Lizzy Small

    Lizzy Small

    Written By Kelly Holm  Lizzy Small might still be an unfamiliar name to you, but she should be on your radar as a triple threat. She began dancing as a child, has appeared on screen with George Lopez and Marisa Tomei, and records music to boot. “Dance was an immense part of my childhood and […]

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