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    Written by Kelly Holm As we progress into year two of the global COVID-19 pandemic, a lot of us are probably feeling like teens who have been grounded for a while. But if life on the ground is too stifling, why not take a rocket to the stars with “Lost,” the newest single from English […]

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    Written By Kelly Holm  It’s that time of year when many of us find ourselves pining for sunnier skies and happier times. While hopping a plane for a tropical getaway might be a reach right now, listening to HARMAN’s “Waiting For You” will put you in a mood where you just can’t help but relax. […]

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  • JP Saxe

    JP Saxe

    Written by Ashley Friedman Canadian singer-songwriter, JP Saxe, found his way on top of the charts this year with single, “If The World Was Ending,” ft. Julia Michaels. The song became an anthem for the current pandemic as many people found themselves asking each other: “If the world was ending, you’d come over, right?” Throughout […]

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  • Frankie Zulferino

    Frankie Zulferino

    Written by Ashley Friedman He’s one of those people that you have to ask yourself, “is there anything he can’t do?” His name is Frankie Zulferino and he’s been an artist to watch on Elicit’s radar for a while now. Before we get into Frankie’s story, I feel like you should know a little bit […]

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  • Flynn Elicit Magazine


    Written By Kelly Holm In an era when many families have been locked down together for months on end, and it’s looking like an increasingly good idea to stay home for the holidays, Irish singer-songwriter Flynn’s “One of Us” voices compassion for what hordes of young people are feeling in their struggle to grow up […]

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