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  • Justin-Jesso

    Justin Jesso

    Photo Credit: Marta Literska Written By Kelly Holm  Growing up, Chicago-born Justin Jesso was always the kid who would choose to play with the plastic microphone over the toy football. At sleepaway camp, he was more concerned with penning lyrics for his crush than with archery and fishing: “Leah, would you meet me by the […]

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  • Alexa Goldie

    Alexa Goldie

    Written by Kelly Holm Alexa Goldie was fronting multiple rock bands and playing in bars at the age of ten. She wasn’t much older when she started writing songs with assistance from her vocal coach. By her early teens, she had a pop record deal with an indie label. “Ever since I can remember, music […]

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  • Casely


    Written by Kelly Holm Born in Miami and a force in the music business since 2005, Casely’s been around the block as an R&B artist. Though he didn’t make his professional debut until age 19, he’s worked crowds since he was old enough to walk— whether in the form of hamming it up for his […]

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  • Noah Barlass

    Noah Barlass

    Written by Kelly Holm For Oklahoma-born singer-songwriter Noah Barlass, the climb to stardom has been up and down.Music was the path he’d been pursuing all his life, but, at points, he needed some time away from the spotlight in order to fully realize his true passions. “[I’ve known I wanted to be a musician since] […]

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  • Yasmeen music artist


    Written By Kelly Holm  Rising pop star Yasmeen has known in her soul since childhood that music was all she ever wanted to do, but there were still plenty of hurdles in the way— the first being her nerves, which she set out to best when she was barely school age.  “In the church I […]

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