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  • Florence Arman

    Florence Arman

    Written by Kelly Holm The spitting image of Saoirse Ronan, with a sound that calls to mind Dodie Clark, British chanteuse Florence Arman is one to watch. Her music videos bring to life the misadventures of any 20something, and her humor is of the sort that you’d want in your own BFF. “there once was […]

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  • Adam-Hender

    Adam Hender

    Written By Kelly Holm  Tired of 2020? Most of us are, so why not take a break from the doomscrolling and instead devour “Sick,” the latest single by Welsh singer-songwriter Adam Hender? The song’s music video depicts a lush, slow-burn ballet across a lit stage, and luckily, the title refers to love, not COVID-19.  “I’m […]

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  • almost-monday-interview-elicit-magazine

    almost monday

    Photo Credit: Eitan Miskevich Written by Kelly Holm If this is what almost monday sounds like, then you’ll never want the weekend to end. Hailing from sunny San Diego, the three-piece alt-pop outfit will leave you soaking in the heat long after it’s time to set our clocks back with their single “come on come […]

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  • Nick Wilson

    Nick Wilson

    Written By Kelly Holm  Nick Wilson’s recent single, “Enough to Know You,” is a farewell to a former love who, despite causing heartbreak, is still worthy of Wilson’s well-wishes. Written in January, with production work from Matt Zara and Tobie Tripp, its lyrics illustrate the conflicting emotions that can come with parting ways: “You say […]

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  • SALIO-Music-Interview


    Written By Kelly Holm  In her home country of Georgia, SALIO isn’t merely a rising star in the music scene— she’s a cultural icon. At age 11, she wrote her first official song, “Varskalebi” (“Stars”), which became a de facto national anthem.  “It is still performed and loved today by a very large chunk of […]

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