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  • Charlotte Jane

    Charlotte Jane

    Written By Kelly Holm If you’re seeking a little sunny optimism as summer slips away into fall, British singer-songwriter Charlotte Jane is ready to celebrate the little things with “Loving the Light.” The latest single is an ode to on-and-off-again love that calls to mind Duffy with a dance-pop twist. “I’m loving the light, the […]

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  • Samuel Jack

    Samuel Jack

    Written By Kelly Holm Samuel Jack’s “Feels Like Summer” was first released in 2019, but recently became America’s most popular Instagram Reels song, racking up tens of millions of plays in a matter of weeks. As the British singer-songwriter sipped tea in his bed, he quickly realized that the 2-year-old track was going viral. “Madness,” […]

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    Photo Credit: Callum Walker Hutchinson Written By Kelly Holm We all have our lockdown accomplishments: maybe we learned to tie-dye or binge-watched Tiger King until we had every episode memorized, or mastered the art of Zoom cat filters. For rising pop sensation JORDY, quarantine produced “better in my head,” a bop about intimacy, regret and […]

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  • K.Flay


    Written by Ashley Friedman “Just think of me as the shallow end of the pool,” K.Flay said before diving into our interview. Prior to that, I admitted that video interviews were new for me, and truthfully, I was a bit nervous. She was kind and personable, the type of person that would put you before […]

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  • Elina


    Written By Kelly Holm Swedish singer-songwriter Elina has racked up a catalog of over a dozen original songs within the past two years, but confesses that she’s yet to play any of them live. “I was going to, but then the pandemic broke out right before we were supposed to start,” she admits. “It looks […]

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