Written by Ashley Friedman

Nashville’s Sophia Angeles is back at it with her latest single, “Miss You More,” and it is premiering right here on Elicit Magazine!

Like her first track of 2019, “Anybody Else” and even her 2018 release, “Interested,” this latest single touches on the heartbreak that can come along with a past love.

The beginning of the song puts a focus on Sophia’s vocals. The softness of her voice is comparable to someone like Selena Gomez or Halsey. Then, the beat drops. It’s electronic, very pop-like, and suits the song well.

The song was produced by Matthew Boda who produced my songs “Interested” and “Anybody Else”. Matthew is an amazing producer and he has really helped me find my sound. I went out to Kansas City to write with him and we recorded the vocals for “Miss You More” while I was there. He is so great to work with and I’m excited to keep making music with him.

– Sophia Angeles

Sophia is smart with her releases; love songs will forever be a hot commodity because let’s face it, they are relatable and, in Sophia’s case, well mixed and mastered; the production is not overly dramatic and perfectly mends with Sophia’s lyrics; She has a knack for songwriting and it shows.

This song is so special to me and is one of the most vulnerable songs I’ve ever written. I would love for it to inspire my fans to be honest and real with how they are feeling. It can be hard to face pain and fully let yourself feel your emotions but in my experience that’s usually the best way to move forward.

– Sophia Angeles

“Miss You More,” is one of those tracks that reminisce on the beauty of a past love in comparison to a here and now relationship. The lyrics, “Even though there’s someone new / Yeah they’ll never be my cure…” carries out the idea that despite being with someone new, you’ll never forget the person you were with before them. “I’m not ready to move on, can we go back to how it was before?” Sophia sings in the final chorus of the song, ending with, “I guess, I miss you more.”

This song was inspired by a phase in my life when I was trying really hard to get over someone by being with someone else. I convinced myself for a while that it was helping but it ended up backfiring and just making me miss the other person more. By writing this song, I realized I wasn’t ready to be in another relationship and I really needed to give myself time to heal.

– Sophia Angeles

Listen exclusively to Sophia Angeles’ “Miss You More” below!

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