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  • Drea Delacruz

    Drea Delacruz

    Many people have commented on her voice by saying that she carries the soul of Corrine Bailey Rae and Norah Jones, but as time goes on, Drea Delacruz (now known as Drea Rose) is beginning to make a name of herself that is sure to stand out above the rest. Born and raised in a […]

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  • Nina Nesbitt

    Nina Nesbitt

    She’s been on tour with artists like Ed Sheeran and Example in Europe, but now, Nina Nesbitt is hitting the US music scene by releasing her debut EP, The Nina Nesbitt EP. “It was nerve-wracking,” she says, referring to her tour with Example, “here’s this big artist and then there’s little 17 year old me.” […]

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  • Mary Sarah

    Mary Sarah

    You might recognize her as a former member of the Kidz Bop team, but since then, Mary Sarah has made a name for herself as an independent artist at the age of 18. “Crazy to think about,” Mary says, “but I have been singing for half [of] my life.” Growing up in Texas, it wasn’t […]

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  • EVMB


    You may remember him by his original stage-name Metronome, but since then Vincent Bantasan has officially become EVMB, a beatboxing phenomenon that has taken over the music industry in the past five years. Originally from Granada Hills Ca, the 26 year old has performed in front of crowds as big as 15,000 and soon will be […]

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  • Liam Tamne

    Liam Tamne

    With over a million views on YouTube, Liam Tamne’s performance of “This Woman’s Work,” is by far one of the most well known auditions The Voice UK has ever seen. Needless to say after that audition, Liam went on to the second round and battled with a man named John Pritchard. The battle was beyond controversial […]

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