She’s been on tour with artists like Ed Sheeran and Example in Europe, but now, Nina Nesbitt is hitting the US music scene by releasing her debut EP, The Nina Nesbitt EP.

“It was nerve-wracking,” she says, referring to her tour with Example, “here’s this big artist and then there’s little 17 year old me.”

The crowds in comparison to her talent shows back in high school were a hundred times the size, nerves were a hundred times as high, and her fame –well, you get the picture. At the age of 19, Nina Nesbitt has managed to tour with big-name artists, and travel all over Europe and the United States.

Yet, even with the excessive amount of traveling, Nina manages to stay close to family and friends. “My mom is a big supporter,” she tells us, and goes on to say that her Dad –well, he’s a bit skeptical on the situation, but without a doubt supports Nina! Hey, I would be skeptical too if my daughter was drop-dead gorgeous and on her way to worldwide fame. But no worries Dad… when asked what her number one advice would be to aspiring artists, she tells Elicit, “remain true to yourself.”

When it comes to friends, Nina has been close with a group of girls for years. So, what do they think of her fame? “They think it’s hilarious,” Nina says, “…and, of course, they enjoy the perks.” Recently, Nina invited her friends on a night out to film her music video “Stay Out.” Watch the official video for “Stay Out” here. “We went out in Glasgow and recorded a night out, it was a lot of fun.” On the road, Nina manages to stay in touch with those close to her via Skype and various social media platforms. “I Skype whoever is up,” she says laughing.

As a recent performer at SXSW in Austin, Texas, Nina tells us that it was her first time being a part of the festival and her second time being in the U.S. For all you Nesbians out there, you know that Nina has been a huge fan of Debbie Harry since day one, but has never gotten the chance to meet her –until SXSW. She tells Elicit:

“She was up on stage and they had asked, ‘does anyone have any questions?’ I ran up there and said, ‘what advice would you give to a singer/songwriter?’ Debbie told me, ‘just keeping touring and promoting your music.’”

When asked what she would do if she were to duet with her idol, Nina tells Elicit that it would “make her life.” We think it could happen, don’t you? After SXSW, Nina increased not only her fan base, but also the ages of her supporters. “I was used to playing for younger crowds, but after traveling to SXSW, the crowd ages varied.”

Back in February, Nina released her debut album titled ‘Peroxide’ in the UK. “It was mainly about a relationship with a former boyfriend,” she says, and of course, I have to ask, does he know? “He was fine with it, there aren’t any bad, bad songs on there,” she tells Elicit. She goes on to say that the song “The Hardest Part” was by far the saddest one she has ever written, but out of all of her music, it means the most to her.

Fans had a key role in choosing the songs on The Nina Nesbitt EP, and, in turn, it has received an overwhelming amount of positive feedback. Her US debut EP is available now on iTunes! Stay on the lookout for this up-and-coming artist as she tours around Europe and the United States, trust us, you won’t be sorry.

From Elicit to Nina, thank you.

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