Mary Sarah

Mary Sarah

You might recognize her as a former member of the Kidz Bop team, but since then, Mary Sarah has made a name for herself as an independent artist at the age of 18. “Crazy to think about,” Mary says, “but I have been singing for half [of] my life.”

Growing up in Texas, it wasn’t hard for this Southern bell to fall in love with country, but tells Elicit that she originally started out writing pop music. “I watched a lot of Disney,” she comments.

As a kid she began performing at the Opry’s in Texas, soon landing a role on the Kidz Bop tour, accrediting the opportunity as the start of her career. “I was singing a solo,” she says, “…and the entire audience was singing with me. I walked off that stage and knew that I wanted to sing for the rest of my life.”

As a new artist, it is hard for Mary to describe her sound, but says, “I just know that I want to be as creative as I am gifted and put all of my energy into it.” Mary Sarah has had the opportunity to work with Dolly Parton, Willie Nelson, Ray Price, just to name a few, and is honored to collaborate with them on Bridges; Her current project set to release July 8th in the U.S.


Mary points out that The Oak Ridge Boys, also featured on her upcoming release, have made the most impact on her since starting out as an independent artist. “[They] brought me on stage four years ago at the Galveston Opera House,” she says, “…[and] have taught me generosity, [and] to love your fans. They are all around gentlemen that I now call my, “Uncles in the biz.”

Currently Mary is distributing her music through Cleopatra Records in Santa Monica, California and AGR Television Records in Hamburg, Germany. Her advice for artists like herself is to, “pray, stay focused, and never let anyone’s opinion of you become the opinion you hold of yourself.”

Today you can find Mary writing and recording new songs in hopes that she can release a new EP by the end this year, and of course, is more than looking forward to “Bridges,” being released on July 8th. “I have been blessed enough to start out [singing] with Legends and I would like to finish a Legend,” Mary says.