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With over a million views on YouTube, Liam Tamne’s performance of “This Woman’s Work,” is by far one of the most well known auditions The Voice UK has ever seen. Needless to say after that audition, Liam went on to the second round and battled with a man named John Pritchard. The battle was beyond controversial as Liam, the crowd favorite, stood in front of thousands of people whose mouths dropped down to the floor as Will.I.Am. announced John as the winner of the round. In that moment, the crowd booed, the judges squared up, swear words flew everywhere. “Everyone couldn’t believe it because they [the producers] were saying that I did the best audition they’d ever seen on The Voice UK at all,” Liam says.

Before Liam joined the show, many may have heard of the story behind him auditioning. At the time, his Nan wasn’t doing so well, and his Uncle had just passed. “I wanted to do the show for my Nan, [and] I ended up staying in the show to pay for my Nan’s care. After learning that his Nan passed before his second round performance,” Liam commented, “She brought me up, so she was like my mom. It was a really really tough time.”

After getting booted off the show, and losing his Nan and Uncle all in a short period of time, Liam became severely depressed and practically suicidal at one point. “It was my dog on the day I was considering things [that] would not leave my side, and I was like she knows something’s up,” he says, “It made me really have to evaluate why I was broken. I feel like I was meant to go when I went [in the battle round] because it brought me closer to my family.”

Even though Liam did not go as far as he anticipated in The Voice UK, he said that the most amazing thing since leaving was the platform it provided into the industry. His talent didn’t go unrecognized and, to this day, people still remember him as the guy who never should have been voted off. Liam has persevered since leaving The Voice UK, and has started his own route to success. “This is corny,” he’d say over and over again in the interview every time he thought I was going to judge him, “Music is like therapy to me,” he looks away, then back at me, laughs at his cliché way of speech and continues, “it just helps me through everything –like every day to day challenges.”


Along side him throughout the interview was Daphne, whom some of you may know from her infamous pictures on Instagram with Liam. I’m assuming that’s Daphne I say, watching as the English Bulldog enjoys a good rubdown by Liam. “Yes, yes this is Daphne, she’s actually quite fit for an English Bulldog.” She then went to lie on the couch, no pun intended.

The most memorable part of the interview was when Liam sang part of “Temporary Tears,” an original song that dates back to his struggles with his family. “Tears themselves are only temporary because you need to see the positive in life,” he says, “and that if it’s worth the risk, then take the fall, if it’s what you want it’s worth it all.” When he sang it, I melted; It wasn’t like the second hand embarrassment you get when people think they can sing, but can’t, it was more like an uplifting feeling on my behalf and –I didn’t want him to stop!

Currently, Liam is busy in the studio working on his EP, admitting that he is only half satisfied with the songs on it. “I’ve been quite guarded over my music because I think the thing is now a days, I love social media, but I think if you keep pushing out track after track after track, people don’t take you serious, hard work can pay off,” he says, “but smart work always pays off.” We hope that his soon-to-be released EP not only inspires all of you to stay positive, but to see the honesty behind every lyric that Liam sings, “I feel like I’m here for a higher purpose, I don’t feel like I’m here just to be here, I feel like I’m here not only to help through music, but in everyday life. I’ve been given a gift to sing, and I’ve been given a gift to be influential.”

From Elicit to Liam, thank you.

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