Many people have commented on her voice by saying that she carries the soul of Corrine Bailey Rae and Norah Jones, but as time goes on, Drea Delacruz (now known as Drea Rose) is beginning to make a name of herself that is sure to stand out above the rest.

Born and raised in a music-oriented family, Drea Rose couldn’t help but to fall in love with the various sounds and rhythms that music had to offer. “My Mom and Dad used to be in a cover band back in the day,” she says, “my mom sang while my Dad played trumpet.” At five years old, with the soul of a Motown member, Drea found herself singing in front of her peers at the school talent show. “That’s when I learned how much I loved music and performing.”

At the age of only thirteen, Drea entered the digital world by posting covers on YouTube. “It was fun covering other peoples music,” she says, but continued to say that she wanted to focus on her own craft and ideas as an individual artist.

When it comes to Drea’s progression, there is no end. She tells us that she loves what she does so much that she actually enjoys putting in that extra mile, hoping that the result will exceed the expectations she has set for herself.

Over the past year, Drea has been working on her recently released single ‘No Worries.’ She tells Elicit, “The song’s about finding your purpose in this crazy world, but not worrying too much about the future or dwelling on the past.”

‘No Worries’ has been rising up the charts, along with music of many other artists hoping to make it big. “Surviving as an independent artist can be hard at times,” Drea says, “It can be difficult putting in the extra work to find funding for creative projects and on top of that, remaining in a creative element.”

Drea performs at various locations in California, and often times, you can find her singing her heart out on the street. “When I started street performing… A lady sat through my 3 hour set and came up to me in tears afterwards telling me not to stop what I was doing.” Drea commented on the matter by saying, “The culture and people are very different, but the effect of music creates has the same impact, [it] truly does bring people together.”

It wasn’t up until this point that Drea knew this was what she wanted and needed to do. “Work hard and remember why you’re doing what you’re doing. Only you will understand what’s best for yourself,” she says.

As for the future, we have no doubt that Drea will end up on MTV as the “next artist to watch.” Her ultimate goal is to create a fully produced album that she can call her own and promote it on a worldwide tour in front of millions of people that love her music as much as we do!