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We're interested in the singers and songwriters who are so passionate about what they do, that no matter what, they will always be a music artist. We're looking for people who have a dream to succeed, to persevere through the rejection letters and phone calls from the record labels that you wanted to be apart of the most. We want to get your name out there for you. All we ask is that you keep doing what you’re doing, and when the day comes that you are on the stage winning a grammy for not just one single, but your entire album, remember Elicit Magazine, someone who did everything in their power to make that dream come true.

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Whether it's an email campaign or a whole new look on social media, we've got you covered.

Web Development

It's time to start getting your music out there without having to direct people to SoundCloud or Spotify. A professional website can do wonders for any musician willing to take it to the next level by hosting links to their music, news, press photos and more!

Email Marketing

Maybe you've read every blog post under the sun on how to write the perfect email or even the perfect press release, but you're still not getting the attention you want. Let us help send your music to hundreds of labels and A & Reps everywhere.

Single or Album Reviews

Looking to get your latest music reviewed? Look no further! Our in-house writers are happy to give their opinion. In fact, each of our writers are assigned a genre based on their music preferences, so they'll know good music when it comes to your genre.

Social Media Marketing

If you are looking for more engagement on your socials or are not getting enough engagement, we can help! We're happy to post content for you and even get real people following and engaging with your most beloved posts.

Press Releases

Alert the press! You've got new music and you want everyone to know it! Luckily, we can help with that! Team up with one of our seasoned writers to craft an unforgettable press release bound to get the attention of A & R reps everywhere.


What's the story behind your music? We would love to hear it! Tell us about how you got started in music by teaming up with one of our in-house representatives for an exclusive interview that will be featured on our site to share with anyone and everyone!