Governors Ball Day 1 Wrap

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Governors Ball day one has officially wrapped up! Here’s a look at what Governors Ball artists should be on your radar from Day 1.

Blu DeTiger

Yes, Blu Detiger is the true birth name of this wildly talented musician. The performer attended NYU’s Clive Davis Institute of Recorded Music before leaving after two and a half years to focus in on music. The institute is known as one of the most prestigious in existence with an acceptance rate of 15% of applicants accepted into its program every year.

DeTiger also DJ’d at clubs around Manhattan, well-known for her improvisation of bass lines over songs.


If you’re familiar with Caroline Polachek, FLETCHER, or Blue October, you’ll definitely recognize DeTiger as she was a touring member for each artist.

Being the bass aficionado that she is, Fender recently collaborated with DeTiger to launch a new line of bass guitars for their Fender Player Plus series. Described as the “future of bass” according to Bass Player in August 2021, the musician went on to sign with Capitol Records to release her debut single “Blondes.”

For today’s performance, the singer-songwriter and amazing musician comes out rocking a blue bass guitar, diving into the song, “Toast with the Butter.” She’s sporting a gold glitter crop top and skirt, an outfit that as a whole is popular amongst some of the performers today at the ball.

“What the f*ck is up gov ball?” she says to the crowd. The musician later goes on to say that this is a big deal to perform at Governors Ball because it’s something she’s always dreamed about doing.

DeTiger also plays songs like “Hot Crush Lover,” with a zebra silhouette video playing in the background, and then “Cotton Candy Lemonade.”

Once wrapped up, the singer-songwriter comments that she’s about to play a new song called “Crash Course,” and dives into a funkadelic beat.

Of course, DeTiger couldn’t go without singing her hit single, “Figure It Out,” as a neon guitar spins in the background. The groovy track may sound familiar thanks to going viral on TikTok where hundreds of thousands of creators used the track to share everything from life to crazy experiences.


Samia is an American singer-songwriter from New York City. Named after her grandmother, Samia takes great pride in her heritage which has been passed down from generation to generation.

Her songwriting often comes from a place of ‘“desperation and pain’” as she puts in an interview with i-D. The idea of living inside one’s head and a passion for wanting to be acknowledged is typically presented within each piece of her work.

The singer-songwriter played popular hits like “Pool” and offers an intimate performance for “Triptych” as she holds the mic and stands center stage. The singer-songwriter tells the crowd that most of the songs she is about to perform will be sad more than anything.

If some of your favorite artists are Father John Misty, Brittany Howard, and Okay Kaya, you’ll definitely want to check out Samia as she puts just as must confessionalism and passion behind her music.

You’ll see Samia at a variety of festivals this Summer as well as on the Maggie Rogers tour set to take off in November. Tickets go on sale June 10th.


Beabadoobee is a Filipino-British singer-songwriter. Her debut studio album, Fake It Flowers, was released in October 2020.

You may recognize Beabadoobee after serving as a supporting act for labelmates the 1975 during several certain stops of their Music for Cars Tour, as well as American singer Clairo during her Immunity Tour.

This breakthrough artist gained immediate attention through the first song she ever wrote, “Coffee.” The body of work was written about her boyfriend and only shared amongst her friends. As she put it in an interview with the Washington Post, [“Coffee” was only meant to be a ‘“fun song, a side thing.”’

Beabadoobee is set to tour with Halsey in May and June and will play various festivals throughout the summer. Her album “Beatopia” will be released on July 15.

Julia Wolf

This singer-songwriter is a true definition of someone who is real and honest with who they are and what they have to offer. Julia Wolf knows what it’s like to not fit in and her songs put an emphasis on talking about it. This performer is a must-watch artist of Elicit Magazine. Check out our full performance wrap-up here.

Jack Harlow

Lousiville, Kentucky’s very own Jackman Thomas Harlow, aka Jack Harlow, didn’t get famous right away. From 2015 and on, the rapper released several EPs and mixtapes before he was signed to Don Cannon and DJ Drama’s record label, Generation, known as an imprint of Atlantic Records.

Harlow’s first major breakthrough came with the release of his 2020 single, “Whats Poppin” which grew in popularity thanks to TikTok. His debut studio album, Thats What They All Say (2020) was certified platinum In the US.

As Harlow fans know, the rapper recently released Come Home the Kids Miss You in 2022, and its single, “First Class“, became his second number-one on the Hot 100 and first to debut atop the chart.

For today’s performance, let’s just say the crowd went crazy for Harlow tonight. From songs like “Whats Poppin,” to “Side Piece,” Harlow turned up the crowd to an extreme. At one point it became so intense that the rapper asks the crowd to take a step backward in hopes that it would allow one fan a necessary breather before passing out.

Kid Cudi

The hip-hop and neo-psychedelia rapper turnt it up on Friday night playing classics like “Day ‘n’ Nite” as well as some of his pieces from Man on the Moon: The End of Day and upcoming album Entergalatic.

Cudi makes mention mid-set that he had just lost his mother in May and dedicates the next song to her.

The standout that brought the crowd to life was the night-ending “Pursuit of Happiness.”

Written By Ashley Friedman

Photo Credit: Emily Jemiolo | Follow Emily @emilyjemiolo