Governors Ball Day 2 Wrap Up

Photo Credit: Emily Jemiolo | Follow Emily @emilyjemiolo

Check out our artists to watch from Governors Ball 2022’s day two of performances.

Octavio The Dweeb

First up this afternoon is Octavio The Dweeb.

Born in Monterrey, Mexico, and raised in Kentucky, OCTAVIO has felt like an outcast since grade school. A lot of the time feeling ‘”forced to shed the conformity of his school’s dress code and find his true self,”’ according to an article by Sheesh.


It wasn’t until after picking up his dad’s old guitar, that OCTAVIO quickly realized music was his calling. The artist combines indie, rock, and alternative elements, almost reminding us of a young Post Malone.

During today’s performance, Dweeb displays his vocal capabilities with his impressive ranges. He has a raspy vibrato that pierces through you in song…

Most of the time he personally illustrates his own single artwork and merch designs.

Octavio just recently signed with Los Angeles-based record label Artist Partner Group (APG).

almost monday

Hailing from California, this dynamic trio formally became known as almost monday in college.

Inspired by everyone from David Bowie to the Gorillaz, the trio carefully created a signature style through a series of DIY gigs.

As always, their festival performance is never short of entertaining. The frontman singer, Dawson Daugherty, has a way about him that draws in the crowd. I swear his body moves like water.

If you want to get to know almost monday a bit more, be sure to check out Elicit Magazine’s interview here.

The first song during today’s performance has yet to be released, the lyrics “How did we ever go the distance,” are on repeat. Rumors online mention that the song may be called “go the distance,” but it has yet to be confirmed.

Daugherty constantly was hyping up the crowd and making mention of how grateful he is for everyone’s presence.

“[We’re] super stoked to be with you guys, it means the world. Let’s have a good time!”

From the anthemic “cool enough” where Daugherty is reigning in on the idea that he doesn’t want to worry about fitting in with the latest trends to the summery track “sun keeps on shining” this band’s performance is nothing short of amazing.

“This is our first time playing a show in NY” says frontman Daugherty. The crowd goes crazy, giving the trio a warm welcome into the city.

Next songs are “don’t say you’re ordinary,” “scatterbrained,” a new, unreleased track that the band has only played at a select few shows and summertime track, “sunburn.”

Again, Daugherty thanks the crowd for coming out to the show before picking up the guitar to play track “daytime friends.”

The band then goes on to play “live forever” and then unreleased track “cough drops,” where Daugherty asks the crowd to help him sing it.

Last, but not least, we have the infamous “broken people.”

Tove Lo

Tove Elsa Nilsson, known professionally as Tove Lo, is a Swedish singer and songwriter.

Today’s showcase offered a raw, grunge-influenced pop music vibe. Her honest, complex, and autobiographical lyrical content always shines through as she sings songs like “Talking Body” and “Cool Girl.”

Peach Tree Rascals

This crew brought the energy to Governors Ball and was nothing short of entertaining.

As Tarrek, one of the leading vocalists puts it, it all started with Issac grinding away producing music, and then handing it out at school. From there, more and more bandmates came on and today, they’re known as Peach Tree Rascals.

“I want to know why you decided on the name!” one fan yells out in the crowd then says it again and catches Issac’s attention. His response? Subtle, sweet and simple… “Because that’s what we are, we’re rascals,” he says with a smile.


I fangirled over Ashnikko from afar. All of her songs are on my Spotify playlists for the gym. Not only do they get me pumped up, but the idea of rising to the occasion and completely kicking ass are things that Ashnikko’s songs seem to protrude with confidence.

From baddie song “STUPID,” with lyrics “Stupid boy think that I need him (Huh)
/ I go red hot like a demon / I go ghost for no damn reason,” to pop-trap piece “Daisy,” Ashnikko gives off an undeniable vibe of “I’m doing me and if you don’t like it then bye.”

Written by Ashley Friedman

Photo Credit: Emily Jemiolo | Follow Emily @emilyjemiolo