Written By Petra Hule

The world we live in today is driven by visual enticement. Making and producing music runs well for a period of time, but there may come a point where any aspiring musician is going to have to up their game.

Nowadays, with all the easy access the world has to recording devices, such as the smartphones that run the world and most of our lives, creating any kind of video content is possible anywhere and at any time. More importantly, the videos that can be captured and created on our day-to-day devices come at a lower cost than they used to. When done with a bit of knowledge on how to make the most out of what you got, your video can build your brand and further your music career. Read on for a few tips and tricks on how to create a worthy music video.

First Things First, Should You Make A Music Video?

Picture this, Frank and his friends are in a band and are playing around with their new music when Tony, one of the band members, decides to create a short 15-second video and posts it on a social media platform such as TikTok. The video receives lots of positive feedback, but the band doesn’t intend on making a music video. This leads us to our first tip, know your intentions of making the video or if you want to make one at all. 


Although music videos are a great way to gain more exposure, success from social media platforms and the compilation of multiple short clips is just as common nowadays, as a full-length video. These alternatives are just as effective as a traditional music video we all know and love. However, as the world changes, we must adapt along with it. Today, adaption allows creators to unleash their creativity and stray from the stock standard clips we used to know. 

Steps For Making A Music Video

Let’s say Frank and Tony’s band decide they want to make a music video. Do they have to hire professional videographers and producers? Where do they make it? Do they have to find a professional to create and edit the content? These questions can be answered in a few short, but key tips. 

Choose A Location

First, you can pick any location you like, but try to base it on the vibe you want to attract from the setting of the video.

Elicit Tip: if you’re lacking in the lighting department, such as ring lights and such, look to find a location outdoors. 

Build A Team

Second, the more people, the better. Having people on hand to help you out, whether it’s throwing out ideas or picking up on something you’ve missed that could better your music video or deteriorate it is crucial. 

Accessorize, Accessorize

The third tip, go out prepared with multiple potential costumes and outfits. Props are a great way to spice up any video and vibe and in the case of a music video, you can never have too many choices!

Gather Your Equipment

Finally, and potentially the most important is, what are you going to capture all these ideas with? As mentioned earlier, as smartphones are improved and updated on a yearly basis, the same goes with their cameras, to the point that buying a professional camera almost becomes pointless as to how convenient and accessible our phones are.


Thus, much of the content can be shot on any smartphone device, especially now with the gadgets that can enhance the quality on a low budget, without the need to buy a professional camera or videographer.

Professional Cameras

However, if you are looking to invest a bit more in cameras and other lighting tools, there are options out there that can fit your budget and allow you to enhance your video without breaking the bank. Some recommendations include a DSLR and gimbal. We recommend anything out of the Canon’s EOS Rebel Series as a starting point because of its adaptability to fit different types of environments. 

Editing Your Music Video: DIY Or Hire Out?

The need for an expensive editor online or even a professional to edit your content is not necessary when we live in a world where libraries host books like “editing for dummies” and when you’re on a budget, you’re better off investing in a $30 book that teaches you how to do a $1000 job. So, look to learn and expand your talents by playing around with editing websites or apps such as iMovie, don’t overlook the simple things. 

How Many Days Should It Take To Shoot A Music Video?

Take a day and shoot it all in one day. Putting double the amount of effort into shooting it over multiple days doesn’t come with guaranteed success, nor does it change your video if you spent a week shooting content as opposed to one day. When using a public location, be sure to take into consideration your surroundings, both if you need a permit to shoot and those that occupy the space, as well as you.

Shooting in one day allows you to capture the day throughout its lighting phases, along with learning and understanding how to make your content look professional. As mentioned, outdoor locations are highly recommended, overcast, gloomy days are key as the sun isn’t blaring you out of sight, however, if the sun decides to show up find some shaded open areas. If you’re looking to shoot indoors, look towards rooms with natural lighting and minimal shadows.

The Most Important Thing To Remember About Making A Music Video

Most important of all, make sure you have a great group of people around you that are willing to assist you in creating and bringing to life what you envisioned for your music. Although this is about you and your career, it’s also about having fun with it and involving those that want to partake in your journey.