What To Include In Your EPK To Create A Great First Impression

What To Include In An EPK

Written By Petra Hule

Like applying for any job, one initially creates a document, possibly a few, to “sell themselves” in order to attain the job they’re after. Well known as a resume, we think about how we would sell ourselves as musicians and artists. This is where an electronic press kit, EPK for short, becomes your best friend.

What Is An EPK?

Essentially an EPK is your resume which holds everything about you or your band such as links to music, website, social media platforms, and anything else that can let others into your world and learn more about you and what you’re about. Like any resume, one must put themselves in the position of the person or people who will receive what you are creating.

So why not just create a regular old resume like any other individual? Why go the extra mile to create this electronic version?


In the music industry, visual cues and things that entice multiple senses, not just the eyes, are what capture any audience, especially those scouting talents like yourself. An easy comparison would be choosing movies over books, however, both are just important; books hold key details that movies often overlook, but on the other hand, movies are enticing visually and acoustically. This is where the two go hand in hand to complement one another, the same way your EPK, inclusive of all compartments, creates symmetry of a dimension that is completely yours. 

Not only are EPKs for talent scouts, but for venue managers, and festivals that are looking to book artists.

EPKs Are Great First Impressions

The number one reason why EPKs are effective, they’re a lot quicker to view and capture your vibe, but they also act as a preview to those looking to book artists. Thus, it speeds up the process and allows them to witness and experience the vibes and energy you give off. 

What To Include In Electronic Press Kit

Now you know what an EPK is, what should you include in it?

Musician’s Bio

Let’s start at the beginning of every relationship or introduction. A good place to start is a bio, simply introducing yourself and what you or your band are about.

Your Genre

Introducing the type of genre you find yourself in, accomplishments, or recent achievements that you can harp on. Although your EPK is entirely your own, like a  job application, some have certain limits or requirements, such as word limits on bios or the length of your EPK.

Elicit Tip: Less is better for an electronic press kit; longer doesn’t necessarily mean better. Ensuring the content you put out there is quality over quantity is key, especially in the industry and profession you choose to find yourself in. 

Website, Social Accounts & Streaming Platforms

Links to audios and other visuals such as websites, social media accounts, and music platforms such as Spotify, Soundcloud, or YouTube are key. This is the first opportunity for you to be heard and for them to get a taste of what your music essence is all about. 

An important note, make sure all work is original and entirely your own, and try to keep the size of the file small, with links within it to other sites so that it’s easily sent and received. Like any other submission, one is just enough, if you’ve already submitted to a label, give them some time and notice that no answer is saying something if they don’t get back to you, but don’t bombard them by sending the same file over and over.

Gigs: Past & Present

Be sure to include your schedule and upcoming gigs and even gigs you’re proud of in the past to show your experiences.

Contact Information

Contact information such as emails, phone numbers, and other points of contact for business and professional endeavors are important so that you’re easily reachable by possible talent buyers that differ from the common social media interaction. If you’re in a band, including every member’s point of contact is not necessary if you share an email for all business inquiries, however, you can add each member’s info respectively, just be sure to highlight a preferred point of contact. 

How To Send Out An EPK

Keep on the lookout for submission details, but the common method is via email directly to scouting agencies. However, some may have specific methods such as uploading it online or via another website. Be sure to include your EPK on your website so even if you aren’t actively seeking new gigs at the moment, scouts can take a look if they’re just browsing around and can keep you in mind for future shows and events. 

Look at your EPK like your resume application and future interviews for a prospective job, all in one. This is the first encounter between you and scouting managers, the first look at the resume and the first handshake at the interview all in one, the first impression really, and we all know how important first impressions are.

Ready To Create Your EPK?

Throughout the process of creating your EPK stay true to who you are as an artist or who you want to be and create as a band. Although it is important to adhere and adjust your EPK to better mold to the places you are looking to be found, don’t stray too far away from what you’re trying to be or where you’re trying to go as originality goes a lot further.

There may be times when an overemphasis in a resume or an additional skill to the list of qualities can assist you in attaining a regular job, however, in an EPK stray far away from overemphasis or promising things that you can’t deliver. At the end of the day, it’s your live performance that speaks louder than the words on a page or the recordings they hear.