Remember that TV Show, The Big Comfy Couch? Even if you don’t, the picture will tell you a thousand words. On stage with King Princess is a mustard colored couch, something that she takes advantage of during those “let us feel this song together” moments like in “Cheap Queen,” an unreleased song that’s expected to be on the singer’s forthcoming album.

She’s in her classic silk white tank and slim dark pants. It’s a simple look, but it works. There’s not a moment of silence throughout the performance as King Princess provides commentary throughout, including the mention of 4/20. The crowd reacts with their woos and the artist kindly reminds them that it is not 4/20 just yet. “I brought my bong,” she says to the crowd and everyone goes crazy.

Mid-performance, she slows down her set with “Upper West Side” as she strums her teal colored guitar. The girls next to me turn to tell me that this is the song they’ve been waiting for and that it’s just one of her songs that really touches home.

She reveals her new record has been completed, but no official release date has been announced. As a fan, it’s exciting to have complete clarification from the source that the music is ready to hit the mainstream.

Moments later she very conversationally says into the mic, “You want me to give it to you?” before effortlessly stepping up to the mic with the lyrics, “I hate it when dudes try to chase me…” the start of one of her more well-known hits, “1950.” For everyone out there wondering if she played “Pussy Is God,” the answer is she absolutely did; She sounds just like her recordings and it’s epic. Be sure to stay on this artist to watch. 

Written by Ashley Friedman