Signed to Drake’s OVO Sound Record Label and featured on Drake’s “Faithful,” dvsn is doing pretty good at making a name for themselves. Granted, singer Daniel Daley vocals are absolutely insane and it’s really hard to find anything negative to say, the duo is flawless.

“Can I play new music for you guys?” vocalist Daniel Daley asks the crowd. Seconds later Ty Dolla $ign is on stage and all you hear is whispering amongst the crowd “Who is it? Who is it?” before Daniel officially welcomes Ty to the stage.

The new music was very dvsn esc., a love song that dabbled with sexualization and being in love. No news on when the new song would be released, but it has been a minute since we’ve heard anything new from dvsn. Their most recent album, Morning After, noted by Pitchfork as “a heartbreak record” features one of their more popular songs, “Think About Me,” a crowd favorite at Coachella. “I love this song!” yells the guy next to me as singer Daniel Daley effortlessly belts out the first verse.

Eventually Ty exits the stage and Daniel takes control again. He grabs hold of the mic “having hallucinations / I’m losing sleep every night.” The song, “Hallucinations” is one of dvsn‘s more intimate songs and yes, there is such a thing as a more “intimate” dvsn song without being overtly sexual.

Yeah, dvsn’s song are — ah, let’s just say they give you all the feels. With Daniel Daley giving off that Brian McKnight vibe; He has a certain swag about him and his voice… well, I don’t have to tell you, if you know, you know. During his performance Daniel plays with the crowd’s emotions, especially the ladies. “Too Deep” had people wanting to hump everything around them, and yeah, it’s a compliment; It takes a certain skill to inject emotionalism into a crowd like that. Daniel and producer, Nineteen85 are charming and they know it; Playing with the hearts of women by asking “can I have all my single ladies make some noise?”

During the performance, dvsn threw in some classic covers including Usher’s “You Got It Bad,” hitting some of the highest notes I have heard to date. The duo also covered Kings of Leon’s “Use Somebody,” with an R&B spin and then went on to play a little bit of “Sex Is On Fire.”

“Can we do one more song?” asks Daniel. Psh, like that’s even a question! “Cause I want to Know, I want to know,” he serenades the crowd with his insanely good vocals, hitting those high notes once again and getting down on his knees. You know that feeling you get when you’ve put everything on the line, I mean, this is “it” you’ve done everything you could, that’s exactly how dvsn played out this last song.

Written by Ashley Friedman