Coachella proved to be one of the most out of this world experiences. From the outfits, to the art, to the uniqueness of each stage, each artist and last but not least, each person in attendance, it’s something I’ll never forget. By Sunday, people were walking zombies that were still wearing their “I’m ready to party clothes.” California nightlife proved to be one of the most exhausting yet exhilarating experiences and yes, I would do it all over again.

On Saturday, I started the day off by watching Sabrina Claudio’s performance. Unlike a lot of other artists at Coachella, she stuck to performing her originals, rather than covering other artists. A smart move for an up and comer. You can check out our wrap up of Sabrina Claudio’s Coachella set here.

Bazzi completely mimicked his recording voice; For some reason, I always thought that while jamming to the singer on Spotify his voice could never really be that good, but it was and his set was amazing. He started his set with “Paradise” before moving onto “Why?” The singer was adorned with a blue chainlink around his shoulder to go along with his An Era In Blue theme and sported fishnets around his arms. The crowd went wild when he played “Mine” and “Beautiful” (and no Camila Cabello did not make an appearance). Plus, despite the song just dropping in the beginning of April, the crowd even knew all the lyrics to “Caught In The Fire.”

Fans young and old flocked to the Coachella stage to see Weezer. The band started the show with an acapella group decked out in old pinstripe suits as they went into the “Buddy Holly” tune and reminisced on Mary Tyler Moore. The band also played “Africa,” a song that peaked at #1 on Billboard charts back in 2018 and managed to cover good ol’ 1967 hit by The Turtles, “Happy Together.”

Billie Eilish started the show on time Weekend 2 (which fans around me were fairly happy about). The singer doesn’t sound how she looks; Sporting a very punk-esc outfit, a delicate and fragile voice comes out of Billie effortlessly. The singer admitted during her set that was a bit under the weather, but managed to put on a hype show regardless, giving shoutouts to band members like brother FINNEAS often and even an inclusion about Mom and Dad. Mid-way through the show, fans chanted Billie’s name and a shy and overwhelmed Billie took it all in as she stood front and center, laughing, but trying not to smile from ear to ear. We think we saw a little bit of emotion, but she’s not one to show how she feels very often. Lowkey is the word. Regardless, you could tell the singer felt an enormous amount of support and has a lot of love for her fans. Her visuals were not like anything we’ve seen. “It’s a little Tim Burton for sure,” says a crowd member. Billie is known for her dark and almost haunting graphics like in “When The Party’s Over” where the singer has black liquid pouring out of her eyes (watch here).

I managed to catch part of Little Simz set. The rapper and singer has an enormous amount of talent and had many fans from the UK come out and support. The way she raps — it has a certain flow. I’m not going to compare it to Nicki Minaj or Cardi B because really it’s a style all her own, but she, in my mind, has the potential to be a chart-topper in the U.S.

Written by Ashley Friedman