Singer/songwriter Gon will release his debut full-length album, Diagonal Fields, on October 25 via CEN/The Orchard. Reactionary in all the best ways, Diagonal Fields manages the rare trick of being personal, political, and deeply humane. Today he released a final pre-album single Normal – enjoy + share via your favorite DSP.

While “Normal” began as a lyrical cliché, a horrible life event morphed the track into a meaningful anthem. Gon’s boyfriend didn’t get his artist visa approved and had to leave the U.S. – they didn’t know when he’d be able to come back, and Gon couldn’t afford to go see him. During the five months he was away, Gon dedicated this song to him in his live shows to remember their relationship as a love story and not a story of sadness and loss.

“It’s a very small song in a very, very big and dramatic album. No drums, guitars or backup vocals. Nothing to hide behind,” Gon explains. “I created Diagonal Fields looking to learn about authenticity and vulnerability. It only makes sense that the third and last single is that naked.”


Though he wouldn’t necessarily think to call himself first and foremost a gay songwriter, Gon is quick to point out the importance of being out—both in his life and in his songs. Gon came to New York by way of Tel Aviv, and the swirling culture clash of identity and experience made for fruitful, if still somewhat uneasy, songwriting.

After years of opera training influences and both speaking and singing in Hebrew, Gon shifted his focus to his own songwriting, peeling away the classical music gestures to find his own voice. Gon’s music details leaving home, learning to own an identity and past, and embracing everything that comes with being an Israeli outside Israel. 

The eleven tracks on Gon’s full-length debut, Diagonal Fields, strike a delicate balance between piano-driven ballads and perfectly augmented cinematic chamber pop, all wrapped around a voice that is by turns plaintive, deeply emotive, and—for lack of a better term—swooningly operatic. Gon will play MONDO.NYC tonight at Pianos, and will perform at Rockwood Music Hall in NYC on November 11.

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