Today, he’s known as “Grahamar,” a rap and hip-hop artist originally from Cleveland, but currently residing in Pittsburgh. His real name is Erik Graham and his inspirations range from Cher Lloyd all the way to Macklemore. Yet, despite the variety, he admits that he originally felt like he was going to be a country artist. “I started taking guitar lessons and just really got into music,” he says. However, when we discovered him, he was far from country, yet still carried the same heart and soul within his music. He is a big fan of writing his own lyrics and tells us that, “I feel that if I had someone else write them for me, I just couldn’t put my heart into he song.”

In the past he’s worked with Big Jerm, Mac Miller’s sound producer, and as of today can be see at What Iph?!? Studio (yes, that includes the question, exclamation, question mark in the actual title) located in Springdale, Pennsylvania.

His current project is an EP titled, “From Me To You” set to release March 28th, 2014. When asked what song fans will react to the most off of the EP, Grahamar tells us it would probably be the song “Without You.” “It’s basically about [the] important people in your life. Without them, you wouldn’t be anywhere,” he says. “Young & Reckless” is another song featured on the EP, and is one of Erik’s favorites. “I may as well be sponsored by Young & Reckless I wear it so much,” he tells us. Although Grahamar has never sent any of his music to record labels, once his EP drops he wants to send it to every record label to help promote his unique sound.

Soon after discussing his EP, Erik mentions Jake Miller, whom he recently met when he attended the US Against Them Tour. “It was one of the coolest nights of my life,” Erik says, “he’s doing exactly what I want to do, he’s living the dream.”


What is the dream to Grahamar? “[I want to] create a good life for my family and friends,” he says, “I couldn’t picture my life any other way, you got to risk it, to get the biscuit,” he says laughing. He is referring to the movie Fired Up and ever since hearing the line in the movie, has lived by it ever since. We’d say the risk was worth taking, right fans? “[There’s] always going to be people who don’t believe in you, and constantly put you down, let it go in one ear and out the other,” he continues, “Realize that family and friends is all you need to succeed in life.”