Deuce & Charger: Tear Down The Barricades

Deuce & Charger is at it again with a new music video to their latest single ‘Tear Down The Barricades.’ The title is simple, yet eye-catching, and the track is more than powerful. “It’s all about overcoming obstacles and achieving what you dream of in life,” says D&C. The track itself was released during the recent political upheaval in the UK, but it is not tied by any means to any political parties or social backgrounds, just a powerful song during a powerful era.

“Filming the video was an awesome experience…” says D&C, “we got to walk around Leeds’ underground tunnels looking like riot starters – we had some security guards asking us what the hell we were doing!”

There are two versions of ‘Tear Down The Barricades’. The first features rappers Dialect and Lady Sanity, while the second (a special “Leeds version”) includes rappers from their hometown – recent Wiley collaborator Saskilla, past collaborator Weezy Jefferson and Asher Don – all of which bring their own uniqueness to the new single. “(They) all gave powerful and energetic performances [and] really brought the track to life.”

Since we last spoke with Deuce and Charger, they were in the midst of releasing their first EP on BBC live! The band comments, “The lead track ‘Wild & Free,’ made the Hype Machine Chart Top 5 so we can’t complain!”


Besides performing on BBC and in a Leeds showcase event soon after, the band makes a note to say that although getting a live show together is an ambition, it’s tough with all of their collaborators. “It would be like herding cats!” says D&C.

Fans can expect another single to be released later in Late Summer/Early Fall that will sound something like ‘Wild & Free,’ a melodic drum and bass influenced track.

D&C also mentions how grateful they are for their followers. “We’ve got very positive fans who help us out by taking photos on our video shoots and making us stuff,” D&C comments. Pete adds in that his favorite “fan gift” thus far was a Deuce & Charger logo key ring carved out of wood by a laser… “amazing,” he says.

As for the future, Deuce & Charger adds, “Expect the unexpected from us – we never know where our next collaboration is going to take us!”

You can check out D&C’s ‘Tear Down The Barricades’ video here: