CAPYAC Delivers Nu-Disco Delight “GOODTIME”

LA-based electronic crossover act CAPYAC is anything but ordinary. Made up of P. Sugz (Eric Peana) and Potion (Delwin Campbell), the surrealist duo return with “GOODTIME,” their first original production since their sophomore studio album “CAPYAC FOREVER.”

With a penchant for all things unusual, CAPYAC blurs the lines between music, art, fashion, and theatrics. The multi-hyphenate tandem cut their teeth in the dance music industry in Austin, Texas where they dominated the underground and helped shape its contemporary local arts scene.

Their breakout hit “Speedracer” inspired fans, critics, and immortal shapeshifters from all walks of life setting an endless wave of surrealist musical anarchy into motion. Innovators both in the studio and on-stage, their high-energy live sets are marked by thematic costumes, dance troupes, collaborations, and on-the-nose tomfoolery. Dabbling in minimal techno, spy-movie theme songs, trap jazz, nu-disco, and every genre that exists where the dancefloor meets the dancer, CAPYAC makes universal music for extraterrestrial lifeforms and earth-dwellers alike.

Their 2016 debut album “Headlunge” was one of the first indicators that CAPYAC’s riotous behavior and ludicrous antics would be met by a musical prowess defined by cutting-edge sound design and a serious attention to the technical details of what makes dance music so extraordinary. Their 2022 sophomore album “CAPYAC FOREVER” was another career milestone for the pair and went on to receive critical acclaim.


Back with their first single since “CAPYAC FOREVER,” CAPYAC returns with their aptly-titled summer anthem “GOODTIME.” Armed with a syrupy nu-disco groove and boogied down vocals, “GOODTIME” is quintessential CAPYAC.

“There’s not much to it. It’s a song about having fun with your friends on a slippery dance floor. We were actually saving it for an upcoming album until we realized we had accidentally written the Song of the Summer 2022. Our friends told us we had to put it out as soon as possible.” – CAPYAC

Listen to “GOODTIME”