“You’re Worth It” Is Jillian Lee Antinora’s Salute To Mothers Everywhere

Writing from the heart, singer-songwriter Jillian Lee Antinora shares the gratitude she feels for her kids in her Mother’s Day track, “You’re Worth It.”

Jillian Lee Antinora, mother and musician, released a Mother’s Day track entitled “You’re Worth It” on May 3. Antinora explains that her inspiration for the song came, of course, from her children. As a mother of six, Antinora knows well the challenges and triumphs of motherhood. In the chorus, she shares candidly that having kids encompasses both “the greatest joys and the deepest pains.” Utilizing a stripped back feel, the track includes the folky strings of Antinora’s guitar and her tender vocals to top off the song’s wholesome lyrics. “This is a song I wrote for my kids for Mother’s Day,” she explains. “They always give me gifts and make me feel special for Mother’s Day, and they recognize all the work it takes to be a mom.”

Despite the sweet sentiment, Antinora doesn’t sugarcoat what it means to be a mother. She sings about the pains of labor and the sacrifices she took in her career to be there for her kids, along with the fear that can overwhelm mother’s so often. In this way, the track reflects a true representation of motherhood in all its messy glory. Antinora explains that the message of the song came from a question her kids asked her: “Mom, why did you have kids, even though it can be hard sometimes?” Her answer was easy, “because you’re worth it!” “You’re Worth It” expresses gratitude, lifts up mothers and invites listeners to share in the love.

Listen to “You’re Worth It”