Review by Emily Smith

Funk is often associated with an energetic, groovy sound – it gives off a vibe that you can’t help but dance to. With their latest single, “Mojo,” the psych-funk group Young Jack elevates the genre with a modern, catchy twist. This vibrant new single oozes an undeniable energy that will stick in the listener’s head.

The track immediately draws the listener in with the quick strumming of the electric guitar. It’s a subtle introduction compared to the rest of the song, but it still introduces the song well with its fast-paced strums, foreshadowing the type of energy to follow.

Then the song dives into a more dynamic territory with its instrumentation. The foot-tapping rhythm, the thick and funky bass, and the animated guitar riffs all add to the colorfulness of the track. Young Jack injects the song with as much exuberance as possible with this instrumentation. The energy is never lost and because of this, there is not a dull moment on the track.

“MOJO was born following an interesting week in Europe, recorded live in an afternoon with minimal overdubs. We captured some stanky stanky funk,” says Luke Bowe(vocals/guitarist) of Young Jack.

Before the last chorus, the bass leads the song, accompanied by some percussion, until the vocals kick in with chants of “I got my mojo monkey.” The instrumentation steadily picks up before the chorus, which then leads to an explosion of guitar, bass, drums, and horns. The horns, provided by Paolo Nutini’s Horns of Thunder, are especially a force of intensity during this part. The electric guitar also gives a noteworthy performance with a lively solo that stands out amongst the wave of the other instruments.

The vocals are also unique and expressive. They match the tone of the lyrics well, and are delivered in a way that makes them sound like a mixture between singing and speaking. From the charismatic delivery of such lyrics as, “Won’t you give me your love for free?” to the excitement-filled “I got my mojo monkey,” the vocals definitely add to the lightheartedness sound of the track. “Mojo” is in part about reconnecting with the fun side of psych-funk, and the vocals, along with the vibrant instrumentation, help to drive that meaning home.

The track ends on a rather abrupt note, and doesn’t fade out like a lot of songs usually would. However, this sudden end makes the listener want more of that rush that they originally had in the beginning leaving them wanting to hit the replay button over and over again.

“Mojo” is an extremely enjoyable song that will keep listeners coming back with its infectious sound and is the second part of a double A-side recently released by Warren Records.

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