On Sep 13th, Yasmin Ray released a music video directed by Tamara Black for her epic new single titled “Dreams” which features JC, produced by Matty Busco. “Got to get back to the grind” she sings in this guitar-laden pop/R&B fusion track with an uplifting tempo and soulful delivery, this West coast artist is making a name for herself internationally with her latest single.

The striking cinematic visuals beautifully tell the story of a waitress at a lonely diner lost in her thoughts as she is whisked away on a night out with her girls who are brought to life when she unleashes her inner singer when she steps onto a stage.

Yasmin Ray was born & raised in Vancouver, BC has had stardom in her stars since day one. Growing up, her father was a vocal coach and a praise team leader, which heavily influenced Yasmin early on in life. Steadily working on her craft, in alignment with her truth as a woman and an artist, she hopes to inspire and heal others, using her life as a vessel for positive change.

Yasmin’s fearless dedication to her vision brought her to Atlanta, Georgia where she recorded her first EP entitled “Blank Canvas”, embarking on her journey as an artist. Now with the release of “Dreams” she has most definitely come into her own, this soft and sweet, soulful track has deep and moving groove, hooks that hold you and a beat that keeps in time with a loving heart.

Watch the official music video for Yasmin Ray’s “Dreams” here.