Wilhelmina’s new single “Flashback,” A “Calisota Labs” production gives listeners the opportunity to reflect on a past love in a smooth and catchy pop manner.  “Flashback” offers playful lyrical delivery, that although can be tough to grasp sometimes, is enough to intrigue listeners to keep them wanting more!

Looking and sounding much like a young 2008 style Lady Gaga, Wilhelmina is definitely wearing her poker face with this new single. With lyrics like, “Karma sits at the window/ one things for sure, I forget what happened, how I felt before,” offers a strong sense of narrative backstory for the listener.

”Flashback wasnt the easiest song to make. I kind of had to push it out of me. Whenever I listen to it I still get all the flashbacks that inspired me to write it. That’s when I know other people will be able to relate to it as well,” says Wilhelmina.

The chorus offers a very Gaga-feel with an EDM style beat. There is a snap and clap style backdrop that has been no stranger to the pop music scene in recent years. Lyrics like “ Although, I know I would get that flashback from days ago,” really complement the EDM style of pop that Wilhelmina is demonstrating for listeners.

When the, “You look the same but you talk so different” portion of the song hits the ears of listeners, we get a complex layering of both vocals and instrumentation that makes for a polished and cleanly produced track. The complexity of the track gives off a modern EDM Pop-Scene feel that’s very mainstream lately.

Wilhelmina’s sound could be described as a perfect balance between Camilla Cabello’s Cuban influenced track, “Never Be The Same,” finding a happy medium between diverse sound delivery while maintaining playful lyricism.

“Flashback “ lyrics like, “I’ve been good for some time/ not one mistake, what took time to feel was so easy to break/ yeah, everyone’s trying to call me/ fever from my friends they say time make every single rumor fade,” masters Cabello’s sound.

Wilhelmina, with Lady Gaga’s vocal and sound still manages to draw her own distinct sound and lyricism in the current pop music scene. Wilhelmina’s latest single “Flashback” is smooth off the tongue and good to the ear, make way cause Wilhelmina is here.

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