Review by Jamie Glenn

Artists Wade and DulaMula team up as part of an Avaz Studios production to create a recently released track titled “They Wanna Know.” This song is both a modern rap release that’s decorative, yet comfortingly familiar in its execution.

The song production throughout this track presents listeners with a bit more a punch. The lyrical content surrounding topics of sex, drugs and gun violence is what stabilizes the song. Lyrics like,  “They wanna know, hold me top from a rope” hard-hitting, yet realistic lyrical content could take some listeners by surprise. At times the lyrics are hazy in their delivery, it could be off-putting to casual listeners but for local or longtime listeners of both Wade and DulaMula, this could receive a positive return.

Many modern Rap outfits have recently fallen under the influence of slower instrumentation mixed with repetitive lyrics that offer little substance for listeners, but Wade and DulaMula don’t seem to fall into that trap with the single, “They Wanna Know.”

Wade comments on the track by saying…


“…This song is a representation of how we live every day. There is always someone out to get one over on us or take what we have earned…”

The music video for this track, shot by @WHOUTV adds entirely another dimension to the track; WHOUTV’s use of cutscenes, dark color schemes, and fragmented flash scenes elevate the lyrical content in a positive way by adding a more personal tone to the thick lyrical content in the track.

DulaMula comments on the track by saying…

“We grew up in the streets and had to make money by any means. We seen things other never have nor will. We use this Hip Hop game as our platform to tell our story.”

Overall, this is a very raw, strongly executed track that should draw in large audiences attracted to the sounds of modern rap music.

“Money is the Motivation” is another recent release from Dula Mula through Avaz Studios. This track opens with a much more of a 90’s style R&B beat, overall the lyrical content gives a much more cohesive feel to it.

You can hear a tremendous amount of growth between the sound production and lyrical quality of “They Wanna Know” and “Money is the Motivation.” The beat on this second track really compliments the lyrical content. Lyrics like “I’ve been goin hard like a lazar, just showin off, you a hater” showcase a more personal approach to this newer creation.

DulaMula comments on “Money is the Motivation”:

“This track for me says it all! Money is my motivation! Obviously my family and a better life is also my every minute of everyday motivation but without MONEY you can’t take care of your family or children or the friends you grew up with!”

The line “I ain’t gotta try cause I’m poppin’ is repeated throughout the track and is unbelievably catchy to listen to. A level of confidence comes through with the delivery of this track, making Dula Mula an artist on the rise you’ll want to listen to before he’s too far on the come up.

Listen to DulaMula’s single “They Wanna Know” ft. Wade here.

Listen to DulaMula’s single “Money is the Motivation” ft. G-Money here.

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