Acclaimed recording artist Vince Staples released his latest single “Hell Bound” which will be accompanied by a new limited-edition piece of exclusive fan merchandise. Listen to “Hell Bound” HERE and watch the lyric video HERE. Today also marks the launch of TheVinceStaplesShow+, Vince’s new streaming service-inspired website that will host all things Vince – see the official commercial HERE.

“Hell Bound” marks the third single released in 2019 by Staples and launches his new website TheVinceStaplesShow+. TheVinceStaplesShow+ will host variety of video content including episodes and never-before seen BTS content from of “The Vince Staples Show,” links to his official music videos and past albums, interviews and videos of his live shows. In addition to video content, fans will also be able to find Vince’s upcoming tour dates as well as access to fan merch for purchase.

“Hell Bound” follows the first two singles released in 2019, “So What” and “Sheet Music,” which were released as part of Staples innovative new series called “The Vince Staples Show.” Each “episode” in “The Vince Staples Show” is comprised of a new single, a limited-edition piece of merch and a comedic short directed by Calmatic (Lil Nas X’s “Old Town Road”). There will not be a new episode of “The Vince Staples Show” released in tandem with “Hell Bound.”