Most recognize Vedo from Season 4 of The Voice, but now you can find him rocking YouTube with some of the best covers of the hottest songs. At only 21, Vedo has managed to capture the hearts of many, gaining fans that will support him for a lifetime.

“I consider myself an artist with no limits,” Vedo says, “I can sing any style of music, I can write any style of music.”

You won’t be surprised to hear that such talent runs in Vedo’s family. “…Almost everyone in my family from my mothers side to my fathers side has some type of musical background,” he comments.

Vedo is a major fan of social media and has used it to his advantage when it comes to sharing his music. He tells us, “I’ve pretty much used every social media site to promote myself/music. It started from Myspace and now we here.” He comments further by telling us that it’s not hard to maintain his youtube page because he is not the only one that updates it. “I have a team that goes hard,” he says.


When it comes to his own music, Vedo has yet to release an official EP, however, he does have mixtapes that are available for fans to check out. “All of the songs [on the mixtapes] are my favorite, I love each one equally,” he says. Throughout his music, Vedo pays homage to some of the greatest artists in music like Stevie Wonder, Usher and Sam Cooke, all of which he looks up to. “I plan to change music, I plan to inspire people young and old,” he says, “I plan on going down in history, as in the best to ever do it.”

Recently, Vedo signed to an independent label called Platinum Power Moves and is ready to make his way to the top of the charts.

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