North American artist T R U V O N N E has been building a name for herself from the ground up. Drawing comparisons to H.E.R, Syd and Jessie Reyez, her latest release “Broken House” is bittersweet – filled with soft pillows of electronics and R&B nuances.

Opening with gentle, lulling guitar melodies, “Broken House” details a relationship imbued with uncertainty – on the brink of collapse. Scattered with electronics and T R U V O N N E’s soft vocals, the track cracks like a broken heart, revealing the pain and anguish at its core.

“We live in a broken house. Try not to tear it down” she whispers, attempting to find a moment of stability amongst the shaky foundations.

With the promise of her debut EP to follow later in the year, T R U V O N N E’s “Broken House” showcases an artist who has confidently discovered their sound.