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There are lots of moments in music that are definitive, impressive, and reflective of the eras that have heralded them. Hip-Hop music is one of those eras right now; it’s called ‘Mumble Rap’. Whether or not it’s cherished or negated depends on which generation is lending its opinion. Either way, it’s here, and if you’ve taken the time to listen to it, you can serene the creativity in it. On first listen to Trey Triple A’s Rap Single release, “Fix My Faucet,” I was forced to examine whether or not the new age in Hip-Hop music should ever receive a bad rap.

Trey Triple A is a Denver raised rapper and style icon. He’s definitely amid that class of new Rap artists who are into fusing melodies. He credits his flare on the mic to his varied interest of musical inspirations which encompass all the Pop, R&B, and Hip-Hop music he grew up hearing.

He’s unique in another way too. He has championed being a recording artist that’s legally classified as disabled, and since birth, he’s overcome obstacles that have come along with being born as a “miracle baby.” In an interview with Broadway World, he shares, s “I have had 20 surgeries in my 20 years of life. Doctors told my parents I wouldn’t live to see 14. On top of that I was expected to be stillborn… so I definitely look at myself as my number one inspiration.” Triple A’s uniqueness has fostered a song feature, two EP’s, two Single releases, a video, and an opening for West Coast’s Blueface. Triple A’s latest Single, “Fix My Faucet” as well as his other sound designs can be streamed on Amazon, Apple Music, and Spotify. 

“Fix My Faucet” filters in with a Trap toned freshness that feels authentic given Trey’s native narratives; Being from Denver leaves room for him to offer fans a new sound perspective, and the production by TylianMTB on his latest Single definitely does that.

“My thought process while writing was really to take a completely different approach than normal…I have songs like ‘Shake’ that use the same cadence, but I’m still not known for that vibe. I searched for a beat with heavy 808’s and a southern bang. I usually do this thing where I mumble a melody and then literally fit the words into the melody I created, but this time the words came first. I love when that happens because it’s truly what I’m feeling and thinking at the time. For instance my sink was dripping at the time of coming up with this song.”

Trey Triple A

From pissin’ off his exes to staying stressless Trey & DNA Picasso lyrically paint “Fix My Faucet”  in lit fashion, and to be honest there are too many notable stanzas to select any of them in particular. For the record, lets just say that these guys can indeed flip it, and when you put fire lyrics over a blazing track, you get nothing short of undeniable heat. Trey Triple A and his team indeed put it down right in time for the summer. Many props sonically all the way around to “Fix My Faucet.”

Yessir, Trey Triple A’s latest Single release is dope, and there are so many respectable variables to where this song is commendable. Number 1, it’s hot lyrically. Anytime you put work into your lyrics as a Rap act, you get my support. Number 2, it’s a complete track. A lot of times rappers seem so impressed with the reality that they’ve put work out, that they negate the process of production in its completeness. Trey’s team proverbially crossed the “t’s” and dotted the “i’s” productively, and they should be rewarded for being thorough, creatively. Number 3, it’s all indie. These guys aren’t signed to a label, so they can reap the rewards of the finished product without extra hands sifting through its returns. In other words, these guys put out a blueprint with “Fix My Faucet.”

I’m not saying it was easy for Trey, as his story reveals, there was nothing easy about it. Still, he hung in there, and his work speaks for itself. Trey’s lyrical faucet is flowing just fine; the wordplay in the title as well as the song is merely a displayed dimension of depth and entertainment. Keep doin’ your thing Trey! If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it. Showmanship is savvy, so go right ahead, and wordplay em’ while you flex your skills. Big ups on lettin’ the masses in on what’ll take to “fix your faucet”…

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