Review by Jamie Glenn

Trent Minter has released his second single titled “It’s Over,” an acoustic sober slow burn track that showcases the sad side of a broken relationship. This lyrically driven track demonstrates a more instrumentally motivated track for listeners who enjoy complex bluegrass and acoustic sounds best for rainy days and suburban coffee shops.

This Sante Fe, Texas Folk, Blues and soul sound gives listeners a taste of the darker side of love with lyrics like “ So baby don’t look at me that way / you know I wish I could stay another day / oh but it’s fallin all apart / but try and keep it all together / even though that we both know, it’s over.” With these lyrics we gain insight into a realization that the relationship has come to a close for the two in question throughout this track.

“This song is real life. It has three stages that I feel like people go through when a relationship is coming to an end. The first stage is the “ I want to run away with you” stage, second is a difficult one where you try to rekindle a flame and you realize it went out a long time ago,” says Trent Mint

er, “…and the third is when you’re tired of fighting and you go to sleep because you know it’s over. I feel like the end of the song really captures that moment. “

The acoustics throughout this track may deliver a simplistic vibe, but the lyrical content is very dense in comparison. For example, lyrics like “Too much time / too much tears and / watchin you cry all these years / I can’t take another day / I have to say it’s time for me to go / oh you beg me no / it’s time for me to go.” We hear a sense of closure with these lyrics that could resonate with a large number of listeners.

The start of the track offers a much more optimistic tone for the relationship, but when compared to lyrics towards then end, we see a much more internal sadness for something that was once good. We can really visualize this feeling with lyrics like, “What am I supposed to do now? / Walk away then show me / how am I supposed to be alone / and let you go on your own?

Minter might be new to the music scene, but he really could make some waves with his smooth acoustic strum and meaningful lyrical content. The future is bright with these guitar-driven antics, especially with more upbeat tracks like “In My Blus” that offers a much more upbeat and heavy hitting tone for Minter. He’s in good company when setting up camp alongside artists like Brett Dennen, Joe Purdy, or Ed Sheeran. If he plays his cards right, we’ll be hearing more about Minter’s soulful sound in no time.

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