Review by Giovanna Citro

Tremendous has just released his new single “Like Dreamers Do.” This Rock & Roll inspired singer does not fail to engage listeners with nifty guitar riffs and intense lyrics with a sound influenced by the likes of T.Rex/David Bowie.

The track begins with Tremendous’ (a.k.a. Mark Dudzinski) compelling vocals and lyrics leading into the main verse, “We dream of a million things me and you / As we stare outside and dream like dreamers do,” a line repeated throughout the song, reminding us to not only live in the present, but look forward to the future.

Along with the vocals, the magnetic instrumentals, especially the guitar, this song has an authentic rock and roll vibe that carries out throughout the remainder of the track. The use of the guitar flows perfectly and keeps the listener captivated and hypnotized almost.

“I wanted it to sound almost dated in parts, especially in the final mix, like if you hear an early 90’s rock group covering a Beatles track. It’s also very short at 2.22. I tried to keep it as immediate as possible, it’s Dream Pop, but it does have its punk sensibilities,” Tremendous comments.

The lyrics give off a sense of genuine emotion. Markʼs words are strong and flow flawlessly along with the instrumentals. The feeling in the lyrics undoubtedly attracts the listener to the track, as Markʼs words are profound and powerful. This track, inspired by the late passing of a manager and close friend of Tremendous is near and dear to the singer’s heart. You can hear the sincerity and emotion in his voice which makes the song even more worthwhile to listen to.

The best part of recording the single for Tremendous was flying over to Sweden for three days and recoding at Black Gold Studios. “It was like an Aladdin’s Cave of great gear, and it had all these lovely old guitars,” says Tremendous.

Overall, “Like Dreamers Do” is filled with incredible instrumentals, compelling vocals, and emotional lyrics. Tremendous has just signed a small sync deal with Asylum Ent. owned by Legendary Entertainment in Los Angeles to create and master his sound as an artist. We do not doubt that Tremendous will be making an impact in the industry with a sound that we have yet to come across in this era.

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