Review by Giovanna Citro

Tranquil Sea, a rock group from England has recently released their latest single “Home Fires.”

The track begins with the bold sound of drums alongside piano and guitar. The intro is the perfect length, eagerly leading the listener into the track and anticipating them to hear the rest of the song. The instrumentals give an underpinning energy which lingers throughout the entirety of the song. The powerful vibe of the track is unique in today’s culture which gives this single a sense of individualism.

The lyrics are strong and give the listener a sense of meaning. One line reads “I’m not lost or found/I’m forever homeward bound.” The tone of his voice reflects a certain seriousness that allows the listener to feel his words, rather than just hear them. While listening to the line “This ain’t love no this is just infatuation,” the listener is drowning in an array of strong emotions, trying to grasp the lyrics and understand the power behind them.

“Home Fires was a labor of love, a song we’d had for a long time and couldn’t wait to share with the world. The song is pretty much about staying true to your roots and not letting other influences change you,” says Tranquil Sea. “We think it’s very important to stay true to yourself and always remember where you came from.”

The instrumentals give the track a rare liveliness and extreme energy that is apparent throughout the whole song. The guitar solo captures the listeners’ attention as it is short and sweet, but also engaging and powerful. The intense instrumentals and strong-willed lyrics flow together throughout the track which allows the listener to be fully engaged. This anthem-like song brings back a certain rugged, strong energy that seems to be lost in so much of the new music today.

The outro is quick, yet powerful, as it keeps the prevailing energy of the song alive until the very end which leaves the listener in need of more. This is a great way to end a song as intense as this one because it does not let go of the passionate, powerful vibe that is carried throughout the whole four minutes and twenty-six seconds of the track.

Overall, “Home Fires” is strictly a song to play at full volume as the instrumental and lyrics flow with great power and energy that keeps the listener engaged until the very end.

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