Review by Jamie Glenn

The Irish, country, pop-rock band originating from Belfast, Northern Ireland, The Rising, release their first single “Rebound” off forthcoming album set for release in August.

The single is the first taste of new music since the release of their sophomore album in 2016 and offers a strong sense of place with a piano-driven backdrop throughout the track. At first, the sound gives the impression that this is going to be a hope-filled track, but that then soon fades as the song progresses. Lyrics like, “I found myself at your house with nowhere else to go / knocked three times so I know you’ll know it’s me / open the door and I want you to kiss me,” gives the impression that this is an uncharted love song.

“In essence, Rebound is about a complex relationship of the main character who has just got out of a relationship with a current boyfriend or girlfriend and has run back to their ex or to find love in the wrong place…” says band member, Chantelle McAteer (Vocals).

As the track continues, listeners could get a different vibe though, especially with lyrics that showcase a much more complex relationship — a relationship with history. With lyrics like, “I picture his face while I’m staring into your eyes / we’re miles apart and it’s been…. / You on these sheets, your hearts breaking but you know that’s not really me,” could give off a sense of someone who feels conflicted. This change in lyrical tone could be a confusing, yet relatable for listeners.

“Some songs almost write themselves in minutes and some take work. However, this song fell into the ‘take work’ category. From that initial melodic and lyrical idea, the song went through many lyric and melodic changes over the course of several months. But we knew we had to stick at it to get it right…” comments band member, Chris Logan (Guitar, Piano, Production).

Lyrics like, “I’m listening but I don’t hear a sound / oh I’m so sorry you’re my rebound,” could offer a moment of vulnerability for some listeners who could’ve experienced much of the same during a relationship. The song does get a bit repetitive near the end of the track, but doesn’t hinder the sound or lyrical delivery of the song at all.

“From a production point of view we went into this song and indeed the album with one clear thought; We wanted to work with the fusion of country elements with the more accessible pop sounds we love,” says Chris.

The rising carries the tone that could be compared to the sound of Lady Antebellum’s somber release of “Need You Now” echoing, the same base of “The Rising.” The Rising’s new single could be compared to other country acts with a similar sound like Little Big Town’s release of “Better Man” or The Band Perry’s “Better Dig Two.” Don’t get these acts confused though because with the instrumental talent that this five-piece group has in store for listeners might earn them a seat at the mainstream country music table. The Rising is set to release their next full-length album “Moving” on August 3.

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