Review by Jamie Glenn

The vibrant Alternative Indie Pop group “The Hip Abduction” from St. Petersburg, FL returns with a new upbeat reggae, alternative song “Come On Get Up” that comes after the release of 2016’s full-length island edge third studio record titled “Gold Under The Glow.” This new single with its upbeat tempo and driving force of lyrical presence offers listeners the perfect track to match the good vibes for hot summer days that await us.

Uplifting lyrics like, “Come on get up / just say you might / just lift your soul / and take the flight. Come on get up / fight for your right / Listen to your heart / and the flame you light,” could motivate listeners to tackle the challenges of life with real optimism and positivity. This group could also remind listeners of reggae groups like “Bumpin’ Uglies,” “Three Legged Fox,” or  “Jon Wayne and the Pain.”

This new single sounds like The Hip Abduction track “Come Alive” delivering the same optimistic hopeful sounds we hear now on “Come On Get Up.” The recognition of land and sea within the lyrical construction of this track could also resonate with some listeners. Lyrics like “ Come on get up / fairy night / we could be the ones / who build up the night”, recognize a sense of connection with nature, mind, body, and soul.

For singles like “Come on Get up,” the band mentions on their site that, “Sometimes inspiration strikes from the immersion of living in a faraway place. The view of the ocean. the sound of a rainforest at sunrise… The embrace of the wild human experience.”

This collective group was formed over a mutual appreciation for West African and early Jamaican reggae/dub music and blossomed into performances with established bands and artists like Grace Potter and Matisyahu. The group will be heading out on a southern state tour of the United States later this year.

This group’s upbeat reggae sound, along with their presence alongside some of the biggest names in the scene could really carry them to new heights as a group. Be on the lookout for this vibrant and upbeat group as they make their way from the Florida Keys to the high mountain peaks of  Colorado because they could be hitting a venue near you very soon.

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