Review by Emily Smith

Nominated for several awards such as the 2017 Notable Awards for Canadian Breakthrough Musician, and winner of the Mix96 Radio Star Regional Competition, up-and-coming musician Stephen Voyce says this about his music: “I want to make people feel things. That’ll never change. And I want them to have fun too. Because, what’s the point of all this if we can’t spread a little love?”

Certainly, people will feel things when listening to his latest single “Summer Lust,” the perfect tune to vibe to at a club on a summer night. It is a catchy song with a danceable beat that will get the listener moving and is part of his upcoming album Lust, which will be released in the summer of 2018.

“Right before writing Summer Lust, I had reached a transitionary point in my career. I was in a good place and I wanted my music to reflect that. See my music is a reflection of my life. Right now I’m feeling positive and it’s kind of a new feeling for me, so I want to spread that feeling to my loyal fans and new listeners,” says Voyce.

The track starts by teasing the listener with a portion of the main guitar riff before the beat kicks in and exposes the entire riff. The guitar has a funk-infused Prince influence that sets the tone for the rest of the song. It brings out a sensual vibe to the tune, which is about a steamy summer fling, just as the title suggests. This riff carries throughout most of the song, leaving the listener dancing the entire time.

“When I_Am_Tobi and Simon Blaze sent me the first iteration of the instrumental I instantly fell in love. The song might as well have written itself. In many ways, this song set in motion the direction of the upcoming album,” says Voyce.

One of Voyce’s greatest strengths is his vocals. Voyce takes on a lot of influence from Michael Jackson, and adds a lustfulness to the overall vibe of the track. Some of the most impressive vocal work on the track is when he hits the higher register and sings lyrics like “The way you dance, that sexy glance, goddamn” and “’Cause I wanna be yours baby.” These passionate deliveries illustrate how much he wants whoever he is singing about, even if it’s only for a season.

There is also a tinge of uncertainty coming from Voyce, as expressed in the pre-chorus: “Do you think that this can be more than a fantasy?/ If I come will you hold on or will you run from me?” The vocals also add to the theme of summer and heat throughout the song, especially when Voyce sings in the chorus “Can’t you feel the temperature rising?”

Towards the end of “Summer Lust,” the instrumentation starts to vary. It transitions from the main guitar riff that plays throughout the song to a sound that highlights the bass more. Before the closing, the bass becomes more isolated, which makes room for some spoken vocals in between (“You like that baby?/ ‘Cause I like you”). The main guitar riff is reintroduced, though the bass is still more prominent than it was in the verses.

Just in time for summer, Stephen Voyce’s latest single is the perfect addition to any playlist.

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