Guess I’m Grown Now feels like the only record I could have possibly made at this time in my life,” Stephen Day explains. “Somehow all of the things I felt limited by at the beginning of making this album made it a perfect time stamp on my life, which is, I guess, how things work? As a person who doesn’t necessarily love to talk about feelings all the time, this record holds a lot of them for me— sadness, extreme joy, FOMO, letting go, starting over, etc. My biggest hope for anyone who listens through this whole album is that they let themselves feel every feeling it holds.”

The Nashville-based singer-songwriter released his debut, full-length record in a premiere with Popdust on Friday. Paring sparkling Jack Antonoff-esque production styles with expert jazz musicianship, Day encapsulates an anthology of early adulthood experiences that give the album an intimate-yet-universal quality. The sound marks a step away from his previous acoustically driven material, while still retaining his signature soulful tenor.

With his last few singles and debut 2016 EP, Undergrad Romance and the Moses In Me, Day landed on Spotify’s Global Viral Chart and racked up over 13 million streams on the platform alone. The buzz earned him a slot in Nashville’s Live On The Green festival last month, alongside St. Paul and the Broken BonesGrace Potter, and Steve Earl, among others. The new record sees him touring with The Brook & The Bluff this fall.

Guess I’m Grown Now is available via SoundCloudSpotifyApple MusicAmazonTidalDeezer, and Google Play.