SØUNDHOOSE Releases Alt-Punk Rock/Metal Single “Phobia”

LOS ANGELES (Nov 18, 2022) – A “full-on rock n’ roll assault,” SØUNDHOOSE is an alternative, pop-punk inspired rock band, “cranking out rebellious anthems” that unapologetically declare their personal vendetta on mental warfare. Breaking the stigma and ignorance around a topic that has been neglected but rages in us all.

Today marks the stellar release of the band’s fearless single, “Phobia,” and makes a strong proclamation that having fears is “not a problem or a disease” but rather a way of life, a part of being human.

The back and forth vocal play between band members in this alt-punk/metal masterpiece not only sounds melodically intriguing, and keeps the ear captivated, but it enforces the narrative. We are united in the overcoming of our irrational fears and we eradicate them by having open communication, out loud and amongst trusted friends.

This will be the last single helping to calm the mental storm before the big release of SØUNDHOOSE’s first album, Craniotomy, out early 2023.


Listen to “Phobia”

With “scornful flavours” and “scorching” choruses, SØUNDHOOSE embodies the raw power of punk, melodic pop sensibilities, and the angst-ridden restlessness of icons like Green Day, My Chemical Romance and Blink 182.

The band has performed at some of the most iconic music venues including Whiskey A Go Go, The Viper Room, Molly Malone’s, and The Mint. They have been featured on The Songwriter Show Podcast, Heavy Music Interviews, The Other Side Reviews , Existential Magazine, Illustrate Magazine, LAWeekly, Highwire Magazines, Sinusoidal Music and more.

In other groundbreaking news, these rock stars will be making a debut appearance on CBS’s Sounds of the Underground this fall, 2022.