Premiere: Sophia Angeles Releases Dreamy New Single, “Heaven”

Sophia Angeles Heaven

Written By Hailey Oppenlander

In the music video for Sophia Angeles’s last single, “Break My Own Heart,” we watched her hit a heart-shaped piñata, singing about her tendency to ruin love before it even starts. Her newest single, “Heaven,” premiering exclusively on Elicit Magazine today, introduces a new chapter in her story, where perhaps she’ll be shown putting the pieces of her heart back together.

Sophia Angeles’s pop sensibility, as displayed in her previous singles, continues to shine through in “Heaven.” This latest song features a catchy melody and conversational lyrics, but diverges thematically from her prior releases.

“Most of my songs have been about heartbreak, but I fell in love for the first time and it changed everything. This song is about how I was able to surrender my fears and finally allow myself to fall in love. I hope it inspires my fans to keep their hearts open to love even if you’ve had your heart broken before.”

Sophia Angeles

The up-and-coming singer-songwriter has released a handful of singles over the past few years, including “Break My Own Heart” earlier this year. 2019’s “Miss You More” was featured on Spotify’s “Fresh Finds” and “Poptronix” playlists and has been streamed almost 2 million times on the platform to date. While her previous singles have highlighted the not-so-great aspects of relationships and love in general, Angeles tells a new story with “Heaven.”


“I came up with the concept and wrote some lyrics down and then me and my co-writer Chelsea Balan finished it together the next day! We wrote it the first week of 2021 and then the next month my boyfriend recorded and produced the song! The song was written about him, so it was such an amazing process to create it together. I’m so lucky to have him in my life.”

Sophia Angeles

“Heaven” is a classic pop love song, capturing the warm and fuzzy feeling of young romance. The song is sweet, with floating harmonies and a melody that’s easy to catch on to. The track begins simply, with a focus on Angeles’s voice above soft guitar and piano arpeggios in the background.

The pace quickens with the pre-chorus, capturing the feeling of a first love where everything is new and exciting. It builds and expands into a chorus that perfectly highlights Angeles’s airy, angelic voice with layers of harmonies. While there’s a dream-like quality to both her voice and the production, her lyrics are down-to-earth, approachable, and easy for listeners to understand — and sing along to.

The lyrics take us on a journey throughout the track, beginning with a past of being unlucky in love and dealing with heartbreak and pain: “I thought it was normal to feel all alone on my own / it’s just what I’m used to.”

By the time Angeles reaches the chorus, she’s taken us to a new place on her journey, finding someone who brings out the best and makes the world look brighter and different.

The lyrics of the chorus capture the heart of the song, as Angeles sings, “I must’ve done something right / ‘Cause when I look into your eyes it’s like the stars align for just one second / I’m still on Earth but with you it’s heaven.”

“Right now in my life I’m really happy and in love and I want to express those emotions through my music. This last year has had so many moments of darkness and I hope my song can be uplifting to people… It really feels like I’m sharing a piece of my heart.”

Sophia Angeles

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