Written by Ashley Friedman

Elicit Magazine is so excited to premiere the latest love song from Sophia Angeles, “Gone.” Just like Sophia’s past singles, this new tune will once again tug at your heartstrings as we journey on a path of love and loss with the singer.

Immediately, the listener is hit with a simple set of piano chords before Sophia chimes in, “I fell asleep / with your t-shirt on. / It’s holding me, / like I’m in your arms…” Her vocals are reminiscent of Taylor Swift, effortless, and soft-spoken, yet hitting home with every note.

“The first verse of ‘Gone’ was really intense for me to write. Waking up in his t-shirt and feeling that strong emotion of heartbreak was overwhelming at the time, but I’m glad I could channel my heartbreak into a song.”

Sophia Angeles

“…I’m stuck in this dream. / You’re somewhere out there / and I’m still in between…” Soon, a pop-like beat kicks in and we’re brought into the chorus. “But, you’re gone, / you’re gone, / you’re gone.”

“The song was produced by Matthew Boda who was on NBC’S Songland last year. Matthew has produced all of my previous singles and I love working with him! I recorded the vocals for “Gone” when I went out to Kansas City to write/record with him.”

Sophia Angeles

As Sophia continues to sing, I can’t help but go to a place of hurt and denial. It’s like I’m standing in front of a mirror staring at my reflection as the person I once loved stands next to me. But, when I turn around and look back, there’s no one there. “Gone” is like searching for the spirit of something that once was, but is no longer.

Like her past singles, “Anybody Else” and “Miss You More,” her latest song, “Gone” is a continuation of a broken heart trying so hard to move on. However, unlike her other songs, Sophia finds a way to face the truth even though she’s hurt. For the first time in this series of singles, it finally feels like Sophia has accepted that the person she once loved is gone.

“‘Gone’ is the next chapter to “Miss You More”. I wrote it when I was coming to terms with the fact that this person I really cared about would no longer be in my life and I had to move on. Heartbreak is one of the hardest things to go through and I hope that it makes people feel less alone in that feeling.”

Sophia Angeles

Sophia has done it yet again. “Gone” will hit home for anyone who has ever had to face the fact that some relationships diminish over time.

“I wrote “Gone” a year and a half ago and even though I’ve written a lot of songs since then, I feel like this is one of the strongest songs I’ve written and that I wanted my fans to hear it.”

Sophia Angeles

Check out the exclusive premiere for Sophia Angeles’ “Gone” below and stay tuned for more new music from this up and coming artist in 2020.

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