Sofi K, an enthusiastic songstress from Detroit, has released her new single “All Beautiful”. At just 18 years old, Sofi has already made a name for herself with a growing online fan base, a previously released album, and known personality of optimism and excitement. Her new song, “All Beautiful”, is nothing short of the lively tracks we’ve heard from her before as she continues to pursue her passion for singing and songwriting. 


Sofi’s latest and most popular single, “Ice Cream”, was released this past summer. The track became a phenomenon on the popular app, TikTok, as influencers used her single in a variety of viral challenges. However, in her new single, Sofi hits the topic of our technology-based world and how it has come to ruin the beauty of being present. Though she is thankful and grateful to her supporters and fans gained through social media, Sofi is cognisant of the damaging effects that social media can harness. 

“The world we live in now is very technology-based. It’s hard for us to put down our phones and focus on living in the moment. This song promotes the positive effects of living in the moment and not being afraid to explore.” 

“All Beautiful” puts a blissful twist on what could be considered a dismal topic. Reminiscent of young Taylor Swift and Ed Sheeran, Sofi creates an animated beat mixed with background claps, tambourines, and winsome guitar strings. She pairs her words with each beat of the drums as she sings uplifting lyrics for the listener to feel more empowered and assures that there is beauty in everything if you take the time to be present in the moment. A natural when it comes to this industry, Sofi was born to perform. She has grown up in a supportive household where her parents constantly encouraged her to strive for her dreams. She has always been a performer but it wasn’t until the age of twelve when she finally picked up a pen and started writing. Sofi has just finished her tour with the philanthropic music tour, High School Nation, which provides musical equipment to high schools across the nation as well as provides the school with a memorable full-blown show. Sofi is set to release her sophomore album, War at the top of the new year.