Over the past decade Canadian music artists have become regular on the Billboard charts. Skye Holland, 25 and Steve Kroeger, 26 are no exception and are celebrated across the globe reaching chart status with every release. Their latest, “KIDS” is a remix of its original released in 2008 by American pop/rock band MGMT and is produced by Prodigy Records.

This release is expected to exceed their current hit “So Close” which has held steady on the Top 10 US Billboard Dance/Mix Show National Airplay Chart. It demonstrates how a song can transform and morph into something different with great writers at the helm.

Holland (vocals), Kroeger (producer), J$N (producer), with additional production by Achtabahn. While Skye’s vocals are sultry and haunting, this pop/dance track is being released in the nick-of-time for summer in the sun.

Kroeger says, “MGMT’s ‘KIDS’ is such a nostalgic track for us, so we were very excited to reinterpret it in a modern and creative way. There are so many good memories and feelings attached to this song and we want our listeners to experience that as well.”

At 10-years old Skye Holland started her music career in a Japanese pop group called HappyNs’ which resulted in her first debut single, “Realistic”. At 12 years old, she moved from Japan to Canada. During high school she met Kroeger, a producer, singer, and composer.

Steve Kroeger was voted “Future Star” by Bell Media/iHeartRadio which launched him into the top 35 on the Top 40 and Hot AC Charts in Canada, establishing him firmly as one of Canada’s chart-topping producers with his music being aired nationally on SiriusXM, iHeart Evolution, and Pride Radio and Channel Q in the States.

Their first collaboration was, “We Are United” which reached #38 on the Billboard Dance/Mix Show US National Airplay Chart. Their current release, “So Close” which at the time of this press release, reached #17 on the same Billboard chart, and on the Top 5 Media Base chart. Previous chart-topping hits include: “Coastline”, “Waiting For the Break”, and “On My Mind”.

Kroeger’s and Holland’s music has received placements on popular TV series like “Young and the Restless,” “Real Housewives of Miami,” and more. Call it luck or being an excellent songwriter when an artist is fortunate enough to have their music placed in other mediums it is sure to propel them forward in their career.

Listen to Steve Kroeger x Skye Holland’s “Kids” here.