Athenian quartet “Sillyboy’s Ghost Relatives” is a newly formed band that shaped while following record producer Sillyboy in most of his live performances during the last 3 years.

When time seemed right, they all joined his studio to record their first full-band album and let the dynamics of analog instrumentation to do the work.

“Sillyboy” music project arrived early 2010 with debut album “Played” being released on small indie label Just Gazing records as 001 of their catalogue and ended up as “Album of The Year” in quite a few media outlets of Greece. “Played” launched Sillyboy’s career as a prolific studio producer, got him lots of work and attention and even to this day it is considered a classic from many music heads in his country.

However, the international release status achieved with the follow up “Nature of Things” album in 2012. It was the track “Supply Chain” that won Vinyl District’s competition “TVD500″ and granted Sillyboy a 7” US release with the label, getting his music aired in indie US regional radio and got the attention of three-time Grammy-nominated producer, Cheryl Pawelski.


Spending another 3 good years in the studio, he returned with his 3rd album “Stalker” in 2015, this time for prestigious label Klik Records. The video for  “Do it Again”  premiered on Exclaim Magazine (Canada) while the massive feedback from live reviews established Sillyboy as a headline act.

2018 marks the return of Athenian producer with a full band collaborating under the moniker Sillyboy’s Ghost Relatives.  Lead single “Come Closer” reveals what could be his most complete and emotional work so far. The second single titled “Muscle Cars” has been recently released.

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