Manhattan School of Music-trained independent singer-songwriter Sidhant Seth today announced the release of his latest song “Hypnotizing Me”, a catchy pop song with a great beat, unique sound and relatable lyrics that may just ‘hypnotize’ music lovers everywhere. 


Seth, 24, originally from India, wrote the lyrics about the hypnotic effect that person you have fallen for has on you over and over even as they keep breaking your heart. He also wrote the music that includes a unique multilayered synthesized sound of bells combined with his voice – through a vocoder – to create a fun, upbeat and moving song with a hypnotic-like, mysterious vibe. Listen to the new track to feel its hypnotic effect! 

Seth received a Master of Music in voice from Manhattan School of Music, and also studied musical theater at the Stella Adler Studio of Acting, but decided he wanted to focus on telling his own story through writing and singing his own songs. He has performed in venues throughout the city and received rave reviews while performing with MSM. His beautiful, emotional voice has been compared to Ed Sheeran’s and Shawn Mendes’. 

“I wanted to follow my heart which was to make music and tell my story in the way I wanted it to be told,” he said. “Hypnotizing Me” is indeed Seth’s story, based on a previous relationship. “Sometimes it feels like you’re living in a loop, going back to the same person again and again. You know it’s not good for you and you’re falling down, but in that moment, you forget reality and love every minute you’re with that person. It’s like you’re hypnotized until they’re gone again and reality sets back in.”